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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Czechoslovakia,   pp. 238-258 PDF (7.3 MB)

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611.60F8/10: Telegram
  The Secretary of State to the Charge in Czechoslovakia (Chapin)
                            WASHINGTON, August 17, 1937-5 p. m.
  30. Your 41, July 9, 11 a. m."
  1. Is Department correct in assuming that Czechoslovak Govern-
ment discontinued issuing certificates on June 28, the date of its con-
fidential note on the subject?
  2. What steps will be taken by Czechoslovak Government to pre-
clude issuance of certificates in connection with exports to third coun-
tries which may reach the United States in the form in which exported
or in some altered form?
611.60F8/12: Telegram
The Charge in Czechoslovakia (Chapin) to the Secretary of State
                                  PRAHA, September 9, 1937-noon.
                               [Received September 9-9: 38 a. m.]
  51. Department's 30, August 17, 5 p. m. Note received last evening
from Foreign Office indicates that date of decision reached to abolish
issuance of certificates by Cabinet was on June 24, notice of which
was communicated to the Legation in a note June 28. Present note
  "Appropriate steps have been taken for the certificates issued after
the said 24th of June, 1937, not to be applied in connection with the
exportation of malt to the United States. The exportation of
grain from Czechoslovakia to the United States does not come into
  After pointing out that this Government cannot safely assure that
barley or malt will not be reexported to the United States and that
therefore no effective steps can be taken to preclude issuance of certifi-
cates, Foreign Office note states further as follows:
"Reexports would hardly be possible in view of the fact that the pro-
duction and export of malt in Czechoslovakia are governed by a
syndicate; according to the rules of this syndicate malt and barley
must be sold to direct customers only, that is malt only to breweries
and barley only to malt factories or breweries. The syndicate rules
prohibit strictly any reexport of barley or malt."
  Full text by mail.
  ' Not printed.

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