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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Czechoslovakia,   pp. 238-258 PDF (7.3 MB)

Page 256

  You are requested to inform the Czechoslovak authorities that while
we are extremely anxious to make it possible to avoid the publication
of a declaration of bounty, such a declaration is mandatory under our
law. Hence in order to avoid a declaration of bounty and imposition
of additional duty it is necessary that the practice described above be
discontinued so far as exports to the United States are concerned.
You should emphasize the mandatory nature of our law on export
bounties and grants and make it clear that no trade agreement or
other negotiation can relieve the Secretary of the Treasury from the
obligation of imposing countervailing duties.
  Our imports from Czechoslovakia of the products in question other
than malt are negligible. Our imports from Czechoslovakia of malt,
though significant, are not large. Hence it is hoped that Czecho-
slovakia may be able, without material loss to its agricultural inter-
ests, to discontinue the issuance of certificates on exports to the United
  We learn informally from Treasury that they will refrain from
making a declaration of bounty for a few weeks pending the outcome
of your conversations with the Czech authorities.
811.60F8/3: Telegram
The Charge in Czechoslovakia (Chapin) to the Secretary of State
                                     PRAHA, June 7, 1937-3 p. m.
                                     [Received June 7-1: 15 p. m.]
  31. Your No. 10, April 13, 1 p. m. Practice of issuance of certifi-
cates based upon local legislation. Foreign Office states that situa-
tion is being studied by Council of Ministers and that means are being
sought to meet Treasury representation by Ministerial decree with
consideration to application of law to other countries. Hope is ex-
pressed that Treasury will not make declaration of bounty pending
study here which I am assured will be expedited.
  The (Czechoslovak Minister (Hurban) to the Secretary of State
                                       WASHINGTON, July 9, 1937.
  EXCELLENCY: I have been instructed to inform Your Excellency that
the Czechoslovak Government will discontinue, as far as the United
States is concerned, the use of import certificates in connection with
the export of Czechoslovak rye, barley, oats, and malt to the United
  The use of import certificates is specified in the Czechoslovak Law
of June 5, 1930, Number 73 of the Collection of Laws and Decrees.
  Accept [etc.]                                     V. I. HURBAN

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