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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

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until they had had an opportunity to discuss with us possible revisions
in our own trade agreement and knew just what further concessions
we would wish they would not know definitely what revisions in the
British margin of preference would have to be made.
  Mr. Robertson informed me later that he had been in communication
with Mr. Merchant Mahoney of the Canadian Legation at Washing-
ton, and that while office space would be provided for him and his
colleagues at the Legation they would actually reside at the Wardman
Park Hotel. Mr. Robertson appeared to feel that a four or five day
stay in Washington would be all that would be required.
  Respectfully yours,                           NORMAN ARmouR
811.4231/2066a: Telegram
    The Secretary of State to the Minis8ter in Canada (Armour)
                        WASHINGTON, November 17, 1937-11 a. m.
  114. On November 5, last, the United Kingdom Government sub-
mitted further proposals 6 respecting the concessions to be granted in a
trade agreement on the products in our essential list. These pro-
posals constitute a substantial improvement over those previously
made. We have today replied that while the concessions indicated
fall considerably short of our requests and while a substantial improve-
ment is essential, we are prepared to make public announcement of
contemplated negotiations and to leave for the definitive negotiations
the final determination of the concessions to be granted. We stated
further that we are prepared to announce contemplated negotiations
on the basis indicated on the assumption that the United Kingdom
will obtain the necessary concurrence of the Empire Governments.
We have also stated that we will advise the Government of Canada
of our willingness to announce if agreeable to the Canadian Govern-
ment, contemplated negotiations for a new or supplementary agree-
ment with that country not later than 2 weeks after the announcement
is made with respect to the United Kingdom. Negotiations with other
British Dominions at this time are not at present contemplated.
Copies of the British proposals and our reply are being mailed to you.
  Please inform the Canadian Government immediately that if nego-
tiations with the United Kingdom are announced this Government
is prepared, not later than 2 weeks after such announcement to make
public announcement of a contemplated new or supplementary agree-
ment with Canada, and inquire whether this meets with the approval
of the Canadian Government.
  You should advise the appropriate officials informally that the pro-
  6 Ante, p. 78.

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