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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1934. The American Republics

Costa Rica,   pp. 86-92 PDF (2.3 MB)

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611.1881/14: Telegram
     The Secretary of State to the Minister in Costa Rica (Sack)
                              WASHINrGTON, July 17, 1934-8 p. m.
  28. Department's instruction No. 10, January 4, 1934. The Depart-
ment wishes to commence exploratory conversations as soon as possible.
It is therefore preparing a study of the trade between the two coun-
tries and a list of the concessions which would probably be asked of
Costa Rica. This list will be forwarded to you shortly. It is hoped
that Costa Rica in turn will be in a position to expedite its own study
in order that actual conversations can be initiated in San Jose not later
than September 1. Please ascertain and report whether this is agree-
able to the Government of Costa Rica. It is desired that no publicity
be given matter for time being.
611.1831/20: Telegram
    The Minister in Costa Rica (Sack) to the Secretary of State
                                 SAN JOSE, July 18, 1934-5 p. m.
                                            [Received 9: 10 p. m.i
  35. Referring to Department's telegram No. 28, July 17, 8 p. m.,
Foreign Minister informs me today he will expedite Costa Rican
studies for purpose of initiating actual conversations for new treaty
on September 1st. Foreign Minister, however, apparently is not as
enthusiastic now for new treaty as Government was last January be-
cause Germany, which buys more from Costa Rica than it sells, is
pressing for equitable balancing of trade. Foreign Minister points out
that the United States now sells Costa Rica more than it buys and he
shows no enthusiasm for reducing any Costa Rican duties in view of
Government's need for import revenues. At the same time he de-
sires continuation of free entry into the United States of chief Costa
Rican products.
611.1831/24a: Telegram
The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Costa Rica (Sack)
                          WASHINGTON, September 4, 1934-6 p. m.
  35. Please inquire of the Costa Rican Government whether it is
prepared to initiate at an early date exploratory conversations look-
ing to the negotiation of a commercial agreement. Since this Govern-
ment is planning to give public notice shortly of the intention to
negotiate agreements with other Central American countries it seems

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