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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1934. Europe, Near East and Africa

Turkey,   pp. 894-990 PDF (36.1 MB)

Page 990

from the League. If Japan's withdrawal becomes definitive, she will
then be bound by a convention to carry out the decisions of the Coun-
cil upon which she could only be represented by invitation, whether in
a consultative capacity or under Article 17 of the Covenant. The view
here is that this circumstance would be of little consequence unless
Japan should consider that the maintenance of the present regime is
not in her best interests.
  The representation on the Council of Turkey and the Soviet Union,
in view of the present policy of friendship between these states, is
important not only in respect of the contingency of Council action
under Article 18 of the Convention, but also in relation to any steps
which Turkey and Russia might take looking toward the abolition of
the present Regime. In the latter connection I was recently informed
by a member of the Political Section of the Secretariat that the
Turkish delegate to the League had stated to him that he had no
intention of bringing the question before the League at present, but
my informant added that he felt that Turkey has this possibility very
much in mind. Previous information on this question was submitted
in my despatch No. 956 Political, dated July 12, 1934, to which I have
already referred. The issue will doubtless depend on general political
considerations, but in certain quarters here the view is held that the
possibility of the question being raised is by no means remote.
  Respectfully yours,                        PRENTISS B. GILBERT

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