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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1934. Europe, Near East and Africa

Turkey,   pp. 894-990 PDF (36.1 MB)

Page 894

     The Secretary of State to the Charge in Turkey (Shaw)
No. 93                                WASHINGTON, April 4, 1933.
  Sn: In view of the exchange of ratifications on February 15, 1933,
of the Treaty of Establishment and Sojourn signed at Ankara on
October 28, 1931, between the United States and Turkey,' it becomes
necessary to consider means of disposing of the claims of nationals
of the respective countries against the other, as provided for in the
exchanges of notes of December 24, 1923,2 and February 17, 1927,3
copies of which are enclosed for your convenient reference.
  It is understood from recent reports from your mission that the
Turkish Government may have overlooked the provisions of the above-
mentioned exchanges of notes in accordance with which a claims com-
mittee, consisting of two representatives of each Government, is to
meet at Istanbul six months after the exchange of ratifications of a
commercial convention and a convention of establishment and resi-
dence. It is therefore desired that you seek an early occasion to
invite the attention of the appropriate Turkish authorities to the
provisions of these notes and to explain that, in accordance with the
terms thereof, the United States Government is prepared to appoint
its representatives on such a committee and that these representatives
will be ready to meet with the Turkish representatives at Istanbul on
August 15, 1933, i. e., six months after the exchange of ratifications of
the Treaty of Establishment and Sojourn.
  In bringing the foregoing to the attention of the Turkish authorities
you may explain that, while the Government of the United States will
be prepared to consider the possibility of a settlement of the claims
question by some other means prior to the above date, it entertains
no doubt that if such a settlement should prove impracticable the
Turkish Government will carry out the provisions of the above men-
tioned exchange of notes and appoint its representatives for the
meeting on August 15, 1933.
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