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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1934. Europe, Near East and Africa

Estonia,   pp. 129-133 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 133

  In order that you may be informed as to the present attitude of this
Government with respect to the means to be employed in bringing
about the restoration of normal international trade, there are inclosed
herewith (1) an excerpt from a memorandum of a departmental press
conference dated September 17, 1934,6 (2) a departmental press release
dated October 29, 1934,7 and (3) a departmental press release dated
November 22, 1934.8 Your attention is specially invited to the see
tions of these documents which contain statements regarding the most-
favored-n-ations principle in international commerce. It is believed
that this background material will be helpful to you in any informal
conversations which you may have with Estonian officials with respect
to the interpretation of the treaty of friendship, commerce and con-
sular rights between the United States and Estonia.
  A copy of this instruction is being forwarded to the American
Legation at Riga, for the information and guidance of Mr. Mac-
Murray, American Minister to Estonia.
  A complete report of your action and the reply of the Estonian
Government to your representations should be submitted promptly to
the Department. An appropriate reference to this instruction should
be made in all your correspondence with the Department in this
  Very truly yours,                             WILLIAM PHILLIPS
  6 Not printed.
  Department of State, Commercial Policy Series No. 3: International Trade
and Dorne8tic Pro8perity, Address by Cordell Hull, Secretary of State, Before
the National Foreign Trade Council, New York City, November 1, 1934 (Wash-
ington, Government Printing Office, 1934).
8 Department of State, Press Releases, November 24, 1934, p. 321.

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