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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1922

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(7) That such 'navigation works' as do not lie wholly within
one country or are not capable of economic and efficient construction,
maintenance, and operation within one country as complete and inde-
pendent units, be maintained and operated by a board hereinafter
called 'the International Board,' on which each country shall have
equal representation.
(8) That such 'navigation works' as lie wholly within one
country and are capable of economic and efficient construction, main-
tenance, and operation as complete and independent units be main-
tained and operated by the country in which they are located with
the right of inspection by the said international board to insure
economy and efficiency.
(9) That 'power works' be built, installed, and operated by and
at the expense of the country in which they are located.
(10) That, except as set forth in recommendation (11), the cost
of all c navigation works' be apportioned between the two countries
on the basis of the benefits each will receive from the new waterway:
Provided, That during the period ending five years after comple-
tion of the works-and to be known as the Construction Period-
the ratio fixing the amount chargeable to each country shall be de-
termined upon certain known factors, such as the developed resources
and foreign and coastwise trade of each country within the terri-
tory economically tributary to the proposed waterway, and that that
ratio shall be adjusted every five years thereafter and based upon
the freight tonnage of each country actually using the waterway
during the previous five-year period.
(11) That the cost of 'navigation works' for the combined use
of navigation and power over and above the cost of works necessary
for navigation alone should be apportioned equally between the two
It will be observed that the Commission recommends that an ar-
rangement be entered into by way of a treaty for a scheme of im-
provement of the St. Lawrence River between Montreal and Lake
Ontario, and that the works contemplated by such arrangement be
based upon the report of the Board of Engineers which accompanied
the report of the Commission.
The Board of Engineers submitted specific recommendations with
regard to the improvement of navigation and the development of
water power. The Board's recommendations and discussions deal
with the project in five divisions and comprehend details of construc-
tion and estimates of costs thereof. The Board limited itself to the
specific investigation entrusted to it with regard to a survey of the
St. Lawrence River from Montreal to Lake Ontario. The Interna-
tional Joint Commission has recommended that the New Welland
Ship Canal be embodied in and made a part of the project under
The report of the Joint Commission and the accompanying report
of the Board of Engineers have doubtless by this time been consid-
ered by the Canadian Government. I am authorized by the Presi-
dent to state that he favors the negotiation of a treaty to be framed

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