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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1922

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The British Ainbassador (Geddes) to the Secretary of State
No. 193                         WASHINGTON, March 16, 1922.
SIR: In your note of October 17th last2 respecting the so-called
Sockeye Salmon Fishery Treaty you were good enough to point out
that, since it seemed certain that the treaty in its present form could
not receive the approval of the. Senate and therefore could not be
ratified, the only practicable course appeared to be to withdraw it.
You drew my attention to the very strong opposition to this agree-
ment which existed in the, West, particularly on the part of the
authorities of the State of Washington. In conclusion, you added
that in the existing situation you did not feel that you were in a
position to suggest any modifications, the adoption of which would
make possible the ratification of the treaty.
The substance of your note I immediately communicated to the
Canadian Government. On October 30th the latter informed me
that the Canadian Marine and Fisheries Department were, in the
circumstances, most anxious to see what could be done to save these
fisheries by direct cooperation with the Fisheries Board of the, State
of Washington. There being no other course possible I agreed that
an endeavour to save these fisheries should be made on the lines
This plan was duly adopted and Conferences between the Fish-
eries Board of the State of Washington and representatives of the
Canadian Marine and Fisheries Department took place at Vancouver
on the 12th and 13th of December. Unfortunately it was not found
possible to reach any agreement. There was not, it appears, any
inability on the part of the parties concerned to agree as to the
immediate steps which should be taken, but the Washington State
Board found itself unable to give any assurance that fishing would
be adequately controlled in the future. Both sides were of opinion
1 For previous correspondence concerning the regulation of fisheries, see
eign Relations, 1921, vol. I, pp. 288 fif.
2Foreign Relations, 1921, vol. I, p. 294.
167952- 38-vo1. [-50

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