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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1920

Haiti,   pp. 760-853 PDF (33.4 MB)

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20, 11 a.m.; and the enactment of laws placing in operation Section
15 of the Contract of the Retrait, providing for the leasing of state
land on long delay terms, and reaffirming the gourde as the legal
money of Haiti. The Department does not consider it necessary or
appropriate to insist at this time that the Government of Haiti, as an
evidence of its desire to cooperate with this Government in carrying
out the obligations of the Treaty, establish the modifications of the
bank charter or approve the transfer of the charter to the new bank.
If the attitude of the Haitian Government changes and the program
above mentioned is carried out, negotiations regarding the modifica-
tions to the bank charter and its transfer can then be once more
undertaken by the National City Bank with the Haitian Government
with such support on the part of the Financial Adviser as he may
consider necessary.
The Secretary of State to the Haitian Charge (Blanchet)
WASHINGTON, August 27, 1920.
SIR: The Department has received your note of August 23, trans-
mitting a communication from your Government.
I am particularly gratified in receiving this communication from
the Haitian Government to note the statement made that the mem-
bers of " the Haitian Government, still convinced of the efficacious
assistance and cooperation of the United States, are ready to carry
out for the best interest of the nation such directions as may be
given it " by the Government of the United States for the purpose
of fulfilling the objects of the Treaty of September 16, 1915.
The Department of State believes that cooperation between the
Government of Haiti and the Government of the United States may
once more be made possible if the Government of Haiti will immedi-
ately take steps to suspend the following laws, passed in violation
of the agreement entered into by both Governments on August 24,
1918, until they shall have been submitted to the American Legation
for its approval and until such laws or portions of laws as are not
approved by the American Legation shall have been repealed:
On ownership of real estate in Haiti by resident foreigners;
On returning sequestrated property at present to German resi-
dents of Haiti;
On pensions;
On duty on motor vehicles, etc.;
On trade-marks;
On mines and mining concessions;

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