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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1920

Haiti,   pp. 760-853 PDF (33.4 MB)

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integral parts of an economic plan essential to the prosperity of
the Haitian people, and that the position taken could not be
changed regarding any one modification without prejudice to the
efficacy of the plan as a whole. Reconsideration of the entire
economic plan, of necessity, could not if at all be attempted with-
out full and explicit information from the Haitian Government
proving why the plan was, in its opinion, likely to be detrimental
to the welfare of the Haitian Republic. The Third Assistant
Secretary of State also asked full information as to why the
Haitian Government now refused to put into effect Article 15 of
the contract of the Retrait, why it refused to enact the Land Law
approved by the Department of State as being essential to the
wellbeing of the Haitian Republic, why it had offered a law mak-
ing the ownership of real property by Haitians [non-Haitians?]
practically impossible, and why it has passed other legislation,
reported by the Financial Adviser of the Haitian Government as
being unsound and improper, as rendering impossible a sound admin-
istration of Haitian affairs, and which was contrary to the spirit of
the Treaty of September 26 [16] ,1915.
The Third Assistant Secretary of State also added that advice
received by the Department of State did not confirm the report that
the Financial Adviser, the American Minister and the Chief of the
Occupation had demanded the dismissal of the Cabinet. The Third
Assistant Secretary of State also said that the Department of State,
basing its opinion only upon the information now at its disposal,
believed the Financial Adviser was acting for the best interests of
the Haitian Republic.
In conclusion the Third Assistant Secretary of State stated that
the Department of State was desirous of obtaining complete informa-
tion regarding the situation referred to in the two notes received from
the Haitian Charge d'Affaires, but in connection with considering
the advisability of making any special investigation it felt obliged
to ask that the Haitian Government enlighten it fully regarding the
matters enumerated above.
WASHINGTON, August 3, 1920.
838.516/147 Telegram
The Minister in Haiti (Baillly-Blanrwhard) to the Secretary of State
PORT AU PRINCE, August 5, 1920-noon.
[Received 5: 25 p.m.]
46. My 42 July 28, 5 p.m.'4 In view of continued failure Haitian
Government to cooperate in accordance with the treaty provisions I
"Post, p. 824.

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