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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1920

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of the bank and the modifications of the charter and requested them
to meet the committee at his house. At the meeting certain modifica-
tions of language in the law of transfer were suggested by the
committee of ministers to the bank people and accepted by the banks'
representatives. When they came, however, in the law of transfer
to the articles establishing the modifications of the charter, and
reached article 10 which reads-
" After the expiration of the period set by the currency reform
agreement for the retirement of the government paper money, the
government will adopt such regulations affecting the importation of
foreign currency as may appear necessary to safeguard the currency
system of the Republic of Haiti. The Financial Advisor will consult
with the Bank upon such measures as may be deemed necessary."
they asked why this article had been placed in the law and were
told by the bank people that it was a part of the modifications agreed
to by the United States Government and the National City Bank
at the conference in Washington, and for that reason had been
included in the law. He thereupon told the bank people that his
government would never agree to such an article and that before
going any further in the matter of the transfer of the bank it must
be eliminated from the papers. The bank people stated that they
were without authority to eliminate it and would have to refer the
matter to New York. Pending such reference they asked that the
papers and all matters with the exception of that objectionable clause
be passed upon to avoid unnecessary delay. They were notified by
Mr. Fequiere that he declined to accept or consider any papers as long
as that clause was included in them and that the interview was
thereby closed.
The next day the Minister of the United States went to call upon
the President and was informed by the President that in his inter-
view with me at the time I laid before him the different measures
named above and requested that they be immediately acted upon,
he had spoken in a private and unofficial capacity and that he now
found his government was strongly opposed to the enactment of
section 15 of the retrait and one of the modifications of the bank
charter, and that he could not and would not approve it. Immedi-
ately upon returning from his interview with the President the Min-
ister sent for me and informed me of the changed attitude of the
government, and after giving the matter careful consideration I
wrote to the Minister of Finance informing him that the further
discussions of the budget, then three-fourths completed, would be
suspended until such time as affairs of great importance to the wel-
fare of the republic have been finally settled in accordance with the
recommendations made by me to the Haitian Government. As I

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