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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1920

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ference in which the interested Ministers of Public Works and
Interior participated, decided that these two laws would not be pro-
mulgated, which would render them ineffective, and as stated above
that they would be taken up at the next session of the Legislative
In order to avoid future difficulties regarding laws which had been
passed without being communicated to this Legation the President
agreed with me that on the receipt of any law passed by the Legisla-
tive Body and submitted to him for his action, he would communicate
it to the Legation before promulgation, and he has acted accordingly.
The President has given me the most formal assurances that next
year there would be no recurrence of these difficulties regarding the
passage of laws and that he himself would take charge of them. To
this end the President after conference with his Cabinet and the
Members of the Council of State announced to me that the following
modus operandi would be followed:
1. The Government to be in accord with the Conseil d'Etat in
its advisory capacity upon any project of law before its submission
to the Legation.
2. If the Legation has no objection to the proposed law it will
be sent to the Conseil d'itat to be passed as agreed.
3. Should the Legation find objections, negotiations towards
an understanding will be entered into with the Government, and
the agreement reached communicated to the Conseil d' tat in its
advisory capacity, for their accord.
The Government, the Conseil d'iRtat and the Legation, being in
accord, the project of law will then be sent to the Conseil d' Etat
in its legislative capacity to be passed as agreed.
4. To guard against any possible errors the law after its passage
by the Legislative Body and its submission to the President for his
action, will be sent by him in communication to the Representative
of the United States, before promulgation.
I believe that the above procedure is of a nature to avoid a recur-
rence of any of the difficulties with which we have had to contend
in the past, in these matters.
I have [etc.]                       A. BAILLY-BLANCHARD
The Financial Adviser to the Government of Haiti (Mellhenny) to
the Chief of the Division of Latin American Affairs, Department
of State (Boawe)
PORT AU PRINCE, July 21, 1920.
[Received September 21.]
MY DEAR DOCTOR ROWE: I have not heretofore reported to you as
to conditions in Haiti for the simple reason that up to ten days ago

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