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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1920

Guatemala,   pp. 718-759 PDF (13.5 MB)

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seems, therefore, that there should exist no ground for a refusal on
the part of the said Maximo Obst to transfer the register of stock
holders of the old company.
You are instructed, therefore, discreetly and informally to make
inquiry with reference to the following points:
I. What are the terms and conditions of the sale of shares of the
Empresa Electrica and whether the cash has been paid.
II. Whether it is true that said Maximo Obst refuses to hand over
the stock register, together with the reasons for such refusal.
III. What, if any, authority of the Guatemalan Government has
jurisdiction to require the delivery of this document, and whether
the Electric Bond and Share Company has taken recourse to its legal
remedy, if any, and with what result to date.
You will please report to the Department, at your early conven-
ience, obtainable information upon the points mentioned.
I am [etc.]
For the Secretary of State:
814.6463Em7/24: Telegram
The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Guatemala
WASHINGTON, July 3, 1920-3 p.m.
59. Department is informed that steps are being taken in Guate-
mala City by former German owners to bring about the annulment
of the sale of the Empresa Electrica to the Electric Bond and Share
Company. Mr. Innis, the Guatemalan representative of the Elec-
tric Bond and Share Company is now in New York and cannot
reach Guatemala until about July 15th.
You are instructed to use every effort to induce the Government
to stay any proceedings in this matter until the arrival of Mr. Innis.
The Mini8ter in Guatemala (McMillin) to the Secretary of State
No. 59                         GUATEMALA, July 14, 1920.
[Received July 26.]
SIR: Referring to the Department's cable No. 59 of July 3rd,
3 P.M., I have the honor to report that:
On receipt of the Department's first instructions relative to
the Empresa Electrica sold to the Electric Bond and Share Com-
pany of New York, I called on the Minister for Foreign Affairs

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