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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1920

Guatemala,   pp. 718-759 PDF (13.5 MB)

Page 754

The Under-Secretary in Ministry of Foreign Affairs new Govern-
ment says Belgium, Spain, and Portugal have given notes of
recognition to Guatemalan representatives in their respective Capitals.
He claims recognition by certain other Governments by reason
of actions and incidents as follows: Colombia, Peru, Chile, and
Argentina by virtue of cables by their respective Ministers to For-
eign Minister here asking that life of Peruvian poet be spared; Italy by
presentation of note to new Ministry by Italian Minister respectfully
[respecting] proposed deportation of Italian subject charged with
anarchistic propaganda; Mexico by despatch of cablegram from new
Mexican Minister for Foreign Affaires to Foreign Minister here for
proclamation mourning on assassination of Carranza; Great Britain
by virtue of an informal visit to new President paid by new British
envoy soon after arrival. The British Charge d'Affaires just gone
was instructed to await action of United States. The British Min-
ister tells me his call entirely informal not intended as recognition.
I think he would be entirely willing to recognize at once if we
would. The papers have claimed some sort of recognition by France
which is contradicted by French Charge d'Affaires who informs
me France also waits on United States.
There is no visible power to overthrow the new Government
nor do I think its overthrow probable except that from time to time
changes are very likely to occur in Ministry.
814.00/486: Telegram
The Minister in Guatemala (McMillin) to the Secretary of State
GUATEMALA, June 19, 1920-noon.
[Received June 21 5: 09 a.m.]
105. The French Charge d'Affaires has just been informed that
the French Government has decided to recognize the Herrera
814.00/487a: Telegram
The Secretary of State to the Minister in Guatemala (McMillin)
WASHINGTON, June 21, 1920-3 p.M.
55. President has decided to deal with Herrera Government
as constitutional successor to Estrada Cabrera Government. You
are, therefore, authorized to communicate this fact to the Minister
for Foreign Affairs and be governed accordingly.

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