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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1920

Guatemala,   pp. 718-759 PDF (13.5 MB)

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erroneous. If they act reasonably they can get a just settlement.
It looks today as if they are only accepting the good offices of the
diplomatic corps out of courtesy to the latter rather than because
they wish any actual settlement outside of the removal of President.
The attitude of the representatives of the Labor Party at this con-
ference especially confirms my belief. A meeting of the committee
of the Unionist Party and the entire diplomatic corps will be held
tonight at which time a definite expression will be sought as to the
real purposes of the Unionists Party in the matter. I neither have
nor will take any action which might compromise the Government
of the United States in this matter.
814.00/361: Telegram
f/he Minister in Guatemnaa (McMillin) to the Acting Secretary
of State
GUATEMALA, March 16, 1920,8 p.m.
[Received March 17-10: 34 a.m.]
44. President of the Republic has just called me to his residence
and stated that he believes that a word from the Government of
the United States could settle the present situation without blood-
shed. He then stated that having confidence in the good will and
honesty of the Government of the United States, he placed the
entire situation and the fate of the country in our hands and would
agree to abide by any decision which we make.
One of the chief difficulties up to the present in arriving at a
settlement of the question through mediation has been the absence
of any guarantee which the Unionist Party would trust that what-
ever agreement which might be entered into would be [lived up to].
If the Department could give assurance that President Estrada
would be held to his undertakings an agreement might be reached.
Revolution inevitable without immediate solution. Instructions
urgently requested.
S i4.00/363: Telegram
The Minister in Guatemala (McMillin) to the Acting Secretary
of State
GUATEMALA, March 17, 1920-10 a.m.
[Received March 19-12: 10 a.m.]
45. Efforts for settlement of troubles continued yesterday till late
at night. Unionist committee came before diplomatic corps. Gov-

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