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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919

Yugoslavia,   pp. 892-900 PDF (3.1 MB)

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measures than the Serbs, owing to their having suffered less and
possessing more administrative ability. It is however a herculean
task and it is especially unfortunate that it must be accomplished at a
time when so many matters of absorbing political importance are
forcing their solution. Without substantial foreign assistance,
proper relief and reconstruction will be beyond the Government's
While adding that I have sent a copy of this Despatch to the
Secretary of State in Paris, I have [etc.]
Ch1istmas Day Proolanmation of Prince Regent Alexander of
To the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes!
We have finally reached the day so long desired of our delivery
and our free union in a National Independant State in which our
race will live its full life and will enjoy without hindrance the gifts
which the charitable hand of God has so richly bestowed upon our
beautiful country.
Finally is fulfilled the vow which through centuries and continu-
ously all the generations of our race have confirmed and sanctified
by their blood.
The unanimous decision of the people, expressed by the unanimous
vote of its best representatives, has united into a single Kingdom
all the portions of our country until now scattered, a Kingdom over
which the national will has called to rule the King of all the Serbs,
Croats and Slovenes, my August Father, His Majesty King Peter I.
Exercising the Royal Power in His name, I have formed, in
agreement with the leaders and representatives of all the National
parties, Serb, Croat and Slovene, Our first State Government. As
a visible sign of our fraternity and complete fraternal solidarity
there are working in full concord in this Government the notables of
the Nation of all three religions and of all the three names, the repre-
sentatives of all the parties and of all the portions of Our Kingdom.
My Government will work in full accord with the Representatives
of the Nation and will be responsible to them. For this purpose its
duty will be to call together as soon as possible at Belgrade the
National Representatives who include delegates of the Serbian
Skupschtina, of Old Serbia, of Macedonia, of a proportional num-
ber of members of the National Councils and of representatives of
the Voivodina and of Montenegro. This National Representation
will form a provisional but complete representation of the Legisla-
tive Branch in Our Kingdom.

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