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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919

Turkey,   pp. 810-889 PDF (28.6 MB)

Page 885

the American Nation and the American Congress, representing the
cause of civilization, right and justice in its midst, have been suffi-
ciently enlightened in regard to our pure hearted Turkish people and
its degree of attachment to and connection with civilization and will
adopt the most efficient, equitable and practical resolutions concerning
its fate, leaving us, thus, overflowing with gratitude.
The Turkish people possesses a more than ten century old right of
existence in these lands. This is established by the survival of nu-
merous relics of the past. As for the Ottoman State, it dates from
seven centuries and can boast a glorious past and history. We are a
people whose power and majesty were recognized by the world in
three such continents as Asia, Europe and Africa. Our men of war
and merchantmen sailed the oceans and carried our flag as far as
India. Our capabilities are proven by the power we once wielded
and which had become world-wide. But during the last century, the
intrigues of the European Powers in our Capital and as a result of
these intrigues their interferences with our independence, the restric-
tions with which they trammelled our economic life, the seeds of
discord they sowed between us and the non-Moslem elements with
which we had been living on fraternal terms for centuries, and added
to these circumstances the weakness and resulting misrule of our
governments have acted as obstacles to our advance in the paths of
modern progress and prosperity. The painful condition which is
ours today does not in the least imply any radical incapacity on our
part or incompatibility with modern civilization. It is solely due to
the persistence of the adverse causes enumerated above.
We can give the most positive assurances that our country, if freed
from the incubus of foreign intrigue and intervention and if its
affairs are managed by a capable government respectful of the
National will and wishes, it will presently assume a condition which
will be a source of satisfaction to the whole world.
We make a special point of adding that the assistance of a powerful
and impartial foreign nation will be of great value to us in saving us
from the iniquitous oppression of which we are the victims and in
hastening our development.
We derive great hope from the Wilsonian Doctrine embodying the
nationalistic principle and from the spirit of justice and humani-
tarianism displayed by the American Nation in its action to ensure
its triumph.

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