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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919

Nicaragua,   pp. 659-677 PDF (5.8 MB)

Page 674

817.00/2591: Telegram
The Minister in Nicaragua (Jefferson) to the Acting Secretary of
MANAGUA, April 28, 1919, 3 p.m.17
In reply Department's April 26, 5 p.m. After receiving Consul's
telegram and despatch I immediately proceeded to informally take
up this matter with Nicaraguan officials and later with the Presi-
dent who was absent from the city at that time. Nicaraguan offi-
cials maintained and contended that the petitioners should have
appealed directly to the Nicaraguan Government and not, the Amer-
ican Consul for protection. At any rate I was assured that extra
police would be immediately sent and all necessary guarantees given.
In regard to the Consul's report and representations concerning
Martin and his American citizenship the American Consul is in
error and should have been better informed. The records of the
Nicaraguan Government show that Martin by his application to
the Nicaraguan Government became a naturalized citizen of Nica-
ragua by decree number 127 dated September 12th 1918.
In my opinion the solution of the Atlantic coast question lies in
the proper selection of a substantial man for Governor.
817.00/2591: Telegram
The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Nicaragua
WASHINGTON, May 3, 1919, 10
Your April 28, 2 [3] p.m.
Department has suggested to the Navy Department the advisabil-
ity of the visit of a warship to Bluefields. You will be advised if
this visit is practicable and you may confidentially inform the Consul
at Bluefields of Department's action.
In the Consul's April 7, despatch 18 he states that the signers of
the petition to him had been notified that they must leave Honduras
[Nicaragua] within 90 days. This information has been informally
confirmed by the Nicaraguan Minister in Washington. The Depart-
ment is unable to see anything in the petition which should cause its
signers, mostly foreigners, to merit such treatment. The conditions
in Bluefields appear to have been very bad and the petitioners ap-
parently only ask the good offices of this Government, with the Gov-
".Received the same day, but hour of receipt not indicated.
" Consul's despatch of Apr. 7 to the Legation at Managua not printed.
It is
the report mentioned in his despatch No. 241 of Apr. 9, p. 671.

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