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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919

Honduras,   pp. 374-409 PDF (11.6 MB)

Page 375

present Minister of War here) were both born and reared in Sal-
vador and have spent little of their lives in Honduras. Soriano
seems to be Salvador's candidate. There seems to be a mystic link
of fellowship between General Castillo Corso (Mexican) Chief of
Police, the President's personal guard, protector and friend, and
Alberto C. Franco, the Mexican Minister Resident, and they are
in constant association.
General Andres Leiva, Comandante at Amapala, has been called
from Amapala to Tegucigalpa and it is reported that General
Corso is to be in charge of the Pacific Port as Comandante and
another Mexican in charge on the North Coast, at Puerto Cortez.
President Bertrand is making the most searching and scientific
use of the Concealed Weapon that it is possible to make, over-
looking absolutely nothing and suspending or rather abrogating
every Constitutional Guarantee. It is worth a man's liberty to
" viva " for Membrenfo (Doctor Alberto Membrenfo).5 The opposition
has been forbidden to hold meetings or send messengers; notice has
been served and posted in all directions and a violation of a rule or
order means arrest and jail.
Just this moment Saturnino Medal, former representative of
Honduras, as Judge, in the Central American Court of Justice, has
called to show a memorandum disclosing that President Bertrand
has notified the United Fruit Company, through Mr. Howard C.
Woodsum, its local representative, that he, Medal, must be dismissed
as attorney for that Company and for the Tela and Trujillo Com-
panies; Bertrand naming J. Antonio Rivas (another brother-in-law
of the President) to take his place, because Doctor Medal was not in
accord with his administration politically.
I also have evidence, which I believe, that he has demanded the
discharge of Doctor Rafael Alvarado Guerrero (former Private Sec-
retary to President Bertrand) as attorney for the New York and
Honduras Rosario Mining Company, naming the same J. Antonio
Rivas, his brother-in-law, for the place: also for the discharge of
Ruben Barrientos as attorney for Vaccaro Brothers and Company of
New Orleans, and the Cuyamel Fruit Company.
Bertrand recognizes the danger of his position. He has more than
doubled all guards in all directions and he is arranging with all
haste to remove to a safe central place in this City, where he may
be better protected. He has challenged and invited revolution and
bloodshed. . . .
The opposition is strong, earnest and determined and my belief is
that unless outside arms and money be provided, it will sweep the
6 Vice President of the Republic; candidate for the Presidency.

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