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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919

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Upon the return of the President to Washington arrangements will
be made for your formal presentation and the delivery of your letters
of credence.
Accept [etc.]                                 FRANK L. POLK
Hi emorandumn of the Third Assistant Secretary of State (Long)
[WASHINGTON,] August 9, 1919.
The Minister of Finland called today and asked that Finland be
accorded recognition as a Government de jure. He said that a con-
stitution had been adopted; that officers had been elected under it;
that those officers were now in authority, and extending their author-
ity under the constitution over the whole of Finland; that his
Government was in a sound economic and financial condition, and
had a coordinate political control. He left with me several memo-
randa 6 and asked that they be considered by the Department, and
that he be given some answer on his request. I told him that the
matter would have very careful consideration by the Department,
and that we would communicate with him.7
The Secretary of President Wilson (Tumulty) to the Secretary of
WASHINGTON, August 21, 1919.
MY DEAR MR. SECRETARY: By the President's direction, I am send-
ing you herewith a communication left with him today by the new
Minister of Finland. I also enclose a copy of the remarks made on
this occasion by the Minister, as well as a copy of the President's
response thereto.
Sincerely yours,                          J. P. TUmu-LT
[Enclosure 1-Translation 8]
The Regent of Finland (Mannerheim) to President Wilson
GREAT AND GOOD FRIEND: Highly desirous of manifesting to Your
Excellency the importance I attach to the maintenance of friendly
Not printed.
7 In an attached memorandum, dated Aug. 18, the Second Assistant Secretary
of State, A. A. Adee, suggests: " If it is deemed advisable to recognize
present Government of Finland as the established Government of Finland, this
may be done very simply by the President receiving Mr. Saastamoinen as the
'Minister of Finland,' instead of the Minister of the de faoto Finnish
'Supplied by the editor.

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