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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919

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where two career officers are obliged to -discharge the duties of the
four officers which, in the past, were the usual complement of this
Under the circumstances, the Department will appreciate that I
was under the necessity of making the verification of the enclosed
translations wait upon the performance of more urgent and pressing,
if less significant, routine duties.
I have [etc.]                             HAMPSON GARY
Senator Owen to the Secretary of State
WASHINGTON, November 29, 1919.
MY DEAR MR. SECRETARY: The question  has arisen as to the inter-
pretation of the recognition by the United States of the British
protectorate over Egypt. This recognition was in the following
[Here follows communication to the British Special High Conmmis-
sioner quoted in despatch No. 457, April 26, from the Agent and
Consul General at Cairo, printed on page 203.]
When the protectorate over Egypt was proclaimed by Great
Britain, King George sent a telegram to the Sultan of Egypt, which
was published in the London Tines of December 21, 1914. This
telegram was as follows:
" On the occasion when Your Highness enters upon your high
office, I desire to convey to Your Highness the expression of my
most sincere friendship and the assurance of my unfailing support
in safeguarding the integrity of Egypt and in securing her future
well-being and prosperity.
" Your highness has been called upon to undertake the responsi-
bility of your high office at a grave crisis in the national life of
Egypt, and I feel convinced that you will be able, with the coopera-
tion of your ministers and the protection of Great Britain, to suc-
cessfully overcome all the influences which are seeking to destroy
the independence of Egypt and the wealth, liberty and happiness
of the people.
(Signed) George R. and I."
To this the Sultan of Egypt replied:
" I present to Your Majesty the expression of my deepest grati-
tude ior the feelings of friendship with which you see fit to honor
me, and for the assurance of your valuable support in safeguarding
the integrity and independence of Egypt. .   6
' Omission indicated in Senator Owen's letter.
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