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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919

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" I have delivered today to Mr. Balfour following letter.
' In answer to your inquiry the President has authorized me to inform you
that he recognizes the British protectorate over Egypt which was announced
by His Majesty's Government on November [December] 18, 1914.'
'The President has no objection to this decision being made public as he
understands that It may help In the restoration of order and in the prevention
of further bloodshed in [Egypt].
'You will no doubt realize, my dear Mr. Minister, that in according this
nition, the President must necessarily reserve for further discussion the
of formal recognition together with the question of a modification of any
of the United States which this decision on his part may entail.'
" You may confer with General Allenby as to the best method of
giving publicity to the contents of this. In that connection, I think it
is proper that you might indicate that the President and the Amer-
ican people have every sympathy with the legitimate desires of the
Egyptian people for a further measure of self government but that
they [deplore] the effort to obtain such rights by anarchy and
The Agent and Consul General at Cairo (Gary) to the Acting Secre-
tary of State
No. 457                               CAIRO, April 26, 1919.
[Received June 2.]
SnI: I have the honor to refer to the cablegram dated April 21st
and received by me at about 12 o'clock noon on April 22nd, from
Mr. Lansing at Paris, instructing me to formally acquaint the Egyp-
tian Government with the fact that the President recognizes the
British Protectorate over Egypt which was declared by His Majesty's
Government on November 17 [December 18], 1914.
In pursuance with this instruction I called upon General Allenby
the Special High Commissioner, at The Residency, at 2.30 the same
afternoon, and communicated to him the substance of the Secretary's
message, indicating, at the same time, that I had been directed to
confer with him as to the best method of giving publicity to the
contents of the message. The High Commissioner gave every evi-
dence of being greatly pleased by the information contained in the
telegram; after a short discussion as to its probable immediate result
upon the situation and the desirability of effecting its publication
with the least possible delay, General Allenby made the request that
I incorporate its substance in an official note, to which I assented.
The formal notification of our recognition of the British Protec-
torate over Egypt, was delivered to The Residency by Vice-Consul
Gotlieb at 5 o'clock the same afternoon. In the interim, during the
'Foreign Relations, 1914, Supplement, p. 153.

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