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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919

Costa Rica,   pp. 803-876 PDF (23.6 MB)

Page 804

Jimenez recognition by the Government of the United States was
sure in March; also that Arturo Volio had confessed and gave to
them all particulars of opposition and they intended to hold hack
for recognition. Local opponents say ready to act promptly should
an opportunity offer. Popham now in San Jose. Respectfully sug-
gest that cables be addressed American Consul rather than American
818.00/533: Telegram
The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul at San Jose (Chase)
WASHINGTON, January 20, 1919, 4 pam.
Your January 15, 9 p.m.
Keep Department closely informed concerning situation.
818.00/537: Telegram
The Consul at San Jose (Chase) to the Acting Secreltary of State
SAN JOSE', January 25, 1919, 5 p.m.
[Received January 27, 10.20 p.m.]
Reliably informed that Federico Tinoco informed Congressman at
the Palace after short session of Congress Thursday the cause of
present situation was due to information received that the Costa
Ricans in Nicaragua were preparing invasion aided by Nicaragua
and Honduras; also that arms and ammunition were furnished by
Nicaragua and 100 men from Honduras admitted to Nicaragua to aid
invasion. He added that he had cabled Mission in the United States
to inform William Jennings Bryan of it so that he could present
situation of Costa Rica to the Department as Nicaragua was aiding
intended invasion, this [thusY] disturbing the peace of Central
America, especially of Costa Rica; and that he has cabled Costa
Rican Minister in Paris to present the situation to the Peace Confer-
ence and ask them to request information of the United States as to
whether the United States was helping Nicaragua in this matter.
Tinoco said that he would await their answer and would not demo-
bilize army until the affair with Nicaragua was ended once for all,
and that he was prepared to go to war with Nicaragua, if necessary.
Congress adjourned until next Wednesday. Reported that Tinocos
have two 75-millimeter and one automatic gun brought from Chile.

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