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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1918. Supplement 1, The World War

List of principal persons,   pp. XI-XVIII PDF (2.6 MB)

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AnDLER, Viktor, Austrian Social Democratic leader.
ALFoNso XIII, King of Spain.
ALLERNBY, Gen. Edmund H. H., Commander in Chief of the British Expedition-
ary Forces in Egypt and Palestine.
Au.tZ, Henri, French Minister to the Netherlands.
ANDR1ssY, Count Julius, Austro-Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, October
26 to November 2.
ANGILES0U, Dr. Constantin, Rumanian Minister at Washington to March 16.
APPoNyi, Count Albert, President of the Hungarian Independence Party.
ASQUITH, Herbert Henry, former British Prime Minister.
AuCHINcLoss, Gordon, Assistant to the Counselor for the Department of State
of the United States.
AvEsaSco, A., Rumanian President of the Council, February 9 to March 12.
BADEN, Prince Max of, German Imperial Chancellor, October 3 to November 9.
BAI.LY-BLANCHARD, Arthur, United States Minister to Haiti.
BAKER, Newton D., Secretary of War of the United States.
BARHMEm1ET, Boris A., Russian Ambassador at Washington.
BALFOUR, Arthur James, British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
BARCLAY, Colville, British Counselor of Embassy at Washington.
BARUCH, Bernard M., Chairman of the War Industries Board of the United
BELDEN, Perry, 'United States Secretary of Legation in Colombia; Charg4
BENEA, Edward, General Secretary of the Czecho-Slovak National Council;
Minister of Foreign Affairs and of the Interior in the Czecho-Slovak
Provisional Government constituted September 26.
BERNSTORFF, Count Johann H. A. von, former German Ambassador at
BETHMANN HOLLWEG, Theobald T. F. A. von, former German Imperial Chan-
cellor and Prussian Minister President.
BIRCH, Thomas H., United States Minister to Portugal.
BLISS, Robert Woods, United States Secretary of Embassy in France; Charge
d'Affaires in the Netherlands, September 21 to November 22.
BLISS, Gen. Tasker H., United States Military Representative on the Supreme
War Council.
BONILLA, Policarpo, Honduran Minister on Special Mission at Washington.
BONILLAS, Ygnacio, Mexican Ambassador at Washington.
BORET, Victor, French Minister of Agriculture and Supplies; member of the
Inter-Allied Food Council.
BRATIANO, J. J. C., Rumanian President of the Council and Minister of
Foreign Affairs to February 9.
BRUN, Constantin, Danish Minister at Washington.
Bftow, Prince Bernhard von, German Rear Admiral.
BUNDY, Richard C., United States Second Secretary of Legation in Liberia;
Charg6 d'Affaires.

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