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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States with the address of the president to Congress December 4, 1917

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 sion of Treaty of Washington 1907. Honduras replied suggesting scope of
convention be extended to include consideration plan to effect reestablishment
original Central Amerjcan Republic. Sanchez Ocana, envoy on special mission
from Guatemala, formally presented credentials yesterday. Considerable local
File No. 813.00/865 
Charge' Johnson to the Secretary of State 
 San José, August 24, 1917. 
SIR: Referring to your telegram dated August 22, 5 p. m., I have 
the honor to send enclosed herein copies and translation of the note 
of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica dated July 17, 1917, 
and first published here on August 22, 1917, and of the note in reply 
from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Honduras dated July 31, 1917, 
and first published here on August 23, 1917. 
 The Costa Rican note embodies the suggestion that the Washington Treaties
be revised and extended, particularly that creating the Court of Justice,
at a conference of plenipotentiaries to be held in this city September 15th
next, and that if Nicaragua is unwilling to recede from its denunciation
of the treaty that she be left out but the road left open to her to join
at a later day whenever she admits the jurisdiction of the court in the recent
suit of Costa Rica against her over the Bryan-Chamorro Treaty. The Honduras
note accepts the invitation to the conference of plenipotentiaries but proposes
that the primary subject of the conference be the embodying into a treaty
of the union of all the Central American States, stating its willingness
to enter into an extension of the treaties, but apparently only on the condition
that Nicaragua also joins, in case the project for union fails. 
 A further report in compliance with your telegraphic instructions referred
to above will be sent at an early date. 
I have [etc.] 
[Inclosure 1—Translation] 
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica to other Central American Republics
except Nicaragua 
San José, July 17, 1917. 
 MR. MINISTER: I have the honor of informing your excellency that this Chancellery,
in view of the note dated March 9 last which was sent to it by his excellency,
the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua, in which he gives notice of
the denunciation, on the part of his Government, of the Convention of December
20, 1907, which created the Central American Court of Justice and which was
signed in Washington by the Plenipotentiaries of Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala,
Salvador and Nicaragua, thinks it necessary to hasten to bring about an exchange
of impressions in the matter, in order wisely to decide what will be most
to the interest of these Republics under the circumstances. 
 The Government of Costa Rica, inspired by the most cordial sentiments of
fraternity, would observe with the greatest pleasure that the Government
of Nicaragua, considering its denunciation as having been made within the
spirit of 

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