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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States with the annual message of the president transmitted to Congress December 3, 1906. (In two parts)

Roosevelt, Theodore
Message of the president, annual,   pp. VII-LX ff. PDF (20.3 MB)

Page VII

To Me Senale and House of Rej5resenlalives: 
 As a nation we still continue to enjoy a literally unprecedented prosperity;
and it is probable that only reckless speculation and disregard of legitimate
business methods on the part of the business world can materially mar this
 No Congress in our time has done more good work of importance than the present
Congress. There were several matters left unfinished at your last session,
however, which I most earnestly hope you will complete before your adjournment.
I again recommend a law prohibiting all corporations from contributing to
the campaign expenses of any party. 
Corporation Such a bill has already past one House of Con 
paign Contributions. . . . 
 gress. Let individuals contribute as they desire; but let us prohibit in
effective fashion all corporations from making contributions for any political
purpose, directly or indirectly. 
Another bill which has just past one House of the Congress and which it is
urgently necessary should be enacted 
Government~s Right into law is that conferring upon the Government 
~rim~?~t~es. the right of appeal in criminal cases on questions of law. This
right exists in many of the States; 
it exists in the District of Columbia by act of the Congress. It is of course
not proposed that in any case a verdict for the defendant on the merits should
be set aside. Recently in one district where the Government had indicted
certain persons for conspiracy in connection with rebates, the court sustained
the defendant's demurrer; while in another jurisdiction an indictment for
conspiracy to obtain rebates has been sustained by the court, convictions
obtained under it, and two defendants sentenced to imprisonment. The two
cases referred 

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