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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, with the annual message of the president transmitted to Congress December 7, 1903

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Page 453

Jib. Ray to lfr. White. 
Wcis/dngton, December 1~, 1909d. 
 (Mr. Hay states that the Venezuelan Government requests the United States
minister to communicate a proposition to Great. Britain and Germany that
the present difficulty respecting the manner of settling claims for injuries
to British and German subjects during the insurrection be submitted to arbitration.
 Mr. White is directed to communicate this proposal to the minister for foreign
affairs, and to advise the Department of his reply.) 
Aft. White to Jib. Ii[ay~ 
London, December 15, 19O~. 
 (Mr. White reports that he has just had an interview with the minister for
foreign affairs; that members of the Government are scattered in the country,
and no reply to Venezuelan proposal is possible to-day; that there will be
a meeting of the cabinet on the lGth instant, after 
*hich Mr. White expects to see the minister for foreign affairs.) 
Jib. TVh'ite to Jib. Hay. 
London, December 16, 19O~2. 
 (Mr. White reports that he has just heard Lord Lansdowne make the following
statement in the House of Lords, in reply to a question by Lord Spencer,
leader of the opposition: 
 In the event which the noble Lord supposes, further measures of coercion
will no doubt be inevitable. The question has been considered by His Majesty's
Governmerit, in consultation with the German Government, and it has been
decided, as I think will be evident from the general tenor of the blue book,
to resort to a blockade of the Venezuelan ports, some of which will be blockaded
by British and some by German ships of war. It is not intended to land a
British force, and still less to occupy Venezuelan territory.) 
Jib. Hay to Jib. White. 
Washington, December 16, 1902. 
 (Mr. Hay states that Ambassador Tower telegraphs from Germany that Great
Britain insists on warlike blockade, and inquires if this report is accurate.
If So, Mr. ' White is directed to try to get a definition of what is intended
thereby, and to represent the great desirability of arbitration, which is
now earnestly wished by Venezuela.) 

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