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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, with the annual message of the president transmitted to Congress December 2, 1902

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come to assure Spain of sympathy and regard, and to wish for the new sovereign
the blessings of peace and prosperity. The presence and cheer of so many
international associates must have been encouraging and inspiring. 
 As the presence of an American ambassador and the preferential distinctions
shown excited no inconsiderable attention and remark, a fuller mention nmay
be pardoned. The President, with humane intuitions, knowing that the heart
is often a better logician than the head, assured that the expression of
the desire for thorough reconciliation would have a ready response, sent
the embassy for the completer reestablishment of friendship and good will.
He rendered an excellent service for both countries and placed his own in
the forefront for magnanimity and international concord. That was true philosophy
which said the sympathies of peoples with peoples, the sense of a common
humanity between nations, the aspirations of nationalities for freedom and
independence, are real political forces, and owning them as such places one
on the right side, and disowning them, on the wrong. It was manifestly niost
gratifying for the royal family, the Government, and the people that the
President should have shown such delicate and generous consideration, and
that the United States should share in the great historical occasion. In
no stinted words was their pleasure expressed, and in many ways, by many
marks of distinction and favor, to the President, the Government, and time
ambassador, was this satisfaction clearly exhibited. Queen, King, Infantas,
mnembers of the Government, and colleagues seemed to have been impressed
by the unique fact, and therefore often spoke of it, that I was present in
the palace. when the King was born. The coincidence of his advent and inauguration,
marked by the official presence of myself, was what the President happily
called "poetic fitness," and it touched the Spanish heart. 
 * * * * * * * 
 While the treatment of all guests was in the highest style of Spanish hospitality,
it would be unjust not to r iake specific and grateful mention of what was
generously and courteously accorded to your representative, not as personal
to him, but to show in marked manner an appreciation of the kindly act of
the President and of the Government. At the railway station we were met by
a royal carriage, which conveyed us to our house and remained night and day
at our disposition while we were in Madrid. Under courteous guidance we were
conducted to a handsome residence, over which floated the stars and stripes,
where everything had been provided in most liberal manner for our maintenance
and comfort. Nothing could have been more thoughtful and considerate, and
with a delicacy which was the fruitage of the highest civilization. All these
kindnesses were shown and continued without ostentation or interference.
After the precedence extended to the foreign representatives of "blood royal"
and to the papal nuncio, the American ambassador had the place of honor at
the oath taking in the Cortez, at royal banquet, at official receptions,
at the celebration of the Te Deum, at the military review, at all ceremonies
and functions. 
The Marquis de Villalobar was assigned by Their Majesties to the embassy
as special friend and adviser, and greatly to our profit and pleasure he
remained until the hour of our departure. Having lived 

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