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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, with the annual message of the president transmitted to Congress December 2, 1902

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call and shall decide definitely within a period of one month from time date
of the appeal. 
 The new decision shall be executory, at the latest two months after its
date. The same procedure shall be followed in regard to the examination of
requests for admission under the provisions of Section E. 
 The expenses arising from the organization of the permanent commission—except
the salary and the compensations of the delegates, which are to be paid by
their respective countries—shall be borne by all the contracting States,
and shall be assessed among them according to a method to be decided upon
by the commission. 
 The high contracting parties bind themselves on their behalf and on behalf
of their colonies and possessions, exception being made in the case of the
autonomous eolonies of Great Britain and British East Indies, to resort to
the measures necessary to prevent bounty-fed sugar, which has passed throughi
the territory of a contracting State, froni having the same advantages as
those accruing under the convention on the market they are destined for.
The permanent commission shall present in this connection the necessary propositions.
 The States that have not taken part in the present convention shall be admitted
to adhere thereto, upon request and after a favorable report of the permanent
corn mission. 
 The request shall be addressed through the diplomatic channels to the Belgian
Governiiient, which will take charge, eventually, of notifying the adhesioii
to all the other governments. Time adhesion shall involve, in full right,
the accession to all charges and the admission to all advantages enumerated
in the present convention, and it shall enter into force from the 1st of
September following the tiansmission of the notification by the Belgian Government
to the other contracting States. 
 The present convention shall come into force from September 1, 1903. 
 It shall remain in force during five years from this date, and if none of
the high contracting parties shall have notified the Belgian Government,
twelve months after the expiration of the said period of five years, of its
intention to have its effects cease, it shall continue for one year, and
so on from year to year. 
 In case one of the contracting States were to denounce the convention, this
denunciation shall take effect only as it may affect its own interests, the
other States would retain until the October 31 of the year of the denunciation
the privilege of notifying their intention to also retire on September 1
of the following year. lf one of the latter intended to make use of this
privilege, the Belgian Government is to promote a meeting at Brussels, within
three months, of a conference which would have to determine the measures
to be resorted to. 
 The provisions of the present convention shall apply to the provinces beyond
the seas, colonies, and foreign possessions of the high contracting parties.
The colonies and possessions of Great Britain amid the Netherlands, however,
are not to be included in this regulation, except as far as it is provided
in articles 5 and 8. 
 The status of the colonies and possessions of Great Britain arid the Netherlands
is, moreover, defined by the declarations inserted in the final protocol.
 The execution of the reciprocal engagements contained in the present convention
is subjected, inasmuch as need be, to the performance of the formalities
and rules established by the constitutional laws of each of the contracting
 The present convention shall be ratified, and ratificatioims thereof sh~iI1
be deposited at Brussels, at the ministry of foreign affairs, on February
1, 1903, or earlier, if 
possible. . . . 
 It is understood that the present convention shall only become binding after
it has been ratified at least by time contracting States that have not been
affected by the exceptional provision of article 6. In case one or several
of the said States have not deposited their ratifications within time time
provided for, the Belgian Government 

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