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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, with the annual message of the president transmitted to Congress December 5, 1898

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parties, who may approach the ambassadors directly or through the medium
of special delegates. In the event of an equal division of votes, the arbitrators
will choose an
additional arbitrator. -
 ART. XVI. The ratifications of the present definitive treaty of peace by
His Majesty the King of the Hellenes and by His Imperial Majesty the Sultan
will be exchanged in Constantinople within 15 days from to-day, or sooner
if possible. -
 In faith thereof the respective plenipotentiaries have signed the present
treaty and. have affixed thereto the seal of their arms. - -
 Done in duplicate in Constantinople December 4 (November 22), 1897.
 Complying with the demand of t-heir excellenciesthe Hellenic plenipotentiaries
to be acquainted with the principal basis of the imperial Government's proposals
relating to the arrangements provided under Article 111 of the peace preliminaries,
their excellencies the Ottoman plenipptentaries agree to communicate to them
at once, as infOrmation and without the possibility of any discussion arising
thereon before the ratification of the definitive -peace treaty, the principal
bases of the said arrangements as they have been decided upon by the Imperial
Government, which will coniprise the following points: (1) To determine the
limits of the customs-tariff privileges of the consuls; (2) to assure the
execution of judgments pronounced by Ottoman tribunals upon Greek consuls
in civil and commercial matters; (3) to define the domicile of Greek subjects
and to lay down the conditions to be observed on the occasion of domiciliary
visits by the police, especially in cases where the dragoman may not respond
to the invitation of the Ottoman authorities to l)e present; (4) to define
the conditions to be observed when consular delegates may not appear before
tribunals dealing with mixed cases; (5) to recognize the jurisdiction of
the Ottoman court of cassation in accordance with the laws in force; (6)
to declare the Ottoman courts competent in the case of commercial failures
of Greek subjects and also in criminal matters in which ~reeks are concerned
with each other or with the subjects of other States; (7) to regularize the
signification of judicial documents concerning Greek subjects and to assure
the execution by the Ottoman authorities of the judgments of Ottoman tribunals
in mixed cases.
 Their excellencies, the Hellenic plenipotentiaries, in acknowledging this
communication make the most formal reservations, both as to its contents,
regarding which ulterior discussions and negotiations will take place immediately
after the ratification of the definitive treaty of peace, and as to the recourse,
should any differences arise, to the arbitration of the representatives of
the great powers at Constantinople, as provided under Article IX of the peace
 Constantinople, November 19, 1897.
 The treaty of commerce and navigation inder Article XI of the definitive
peace treaty (Article III in the preliminaries), will have to be concluded
within a period of two years, dating from the commencement of the exchange
of the ratifications of the said peace treaty. -
 During this period the régime in force before the war, relating to
the customs tariff~ the coasting trade, and sponge fisheries, shall be maintained
on the basis of reciprocity. Should, however, the treaty of commerce and
navigation not be concluded and ratified within the aforesaid period of two
years, the two parties shall revert to the régime established under
Article XI of the peace treaty (Article VII of the peace preliminaries).
 It is understood that should it be impossible, owing to motives other than
the wishes of the two high contracting parties, for the new treaty of commerce
and navigation, although concluded and ratified within the time aforesaid,
to be put into operation, the régime in force before the war shall
be always maintained on the basis of reciprocity until the new treaty shall
come into force.
 Constantinople, December 4, 1897.
 MAvRoconDATo.  TEWFIK. -

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