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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, with the annual message of the president transmitted to Congress December 5, 1898

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 In begging your excellency to transmit these sentiments to His Excellency
the President of the United States I reiterate to your excellency the assurance
of my highest and most distinguished consideration.
Mr. Adee to Mr. M. Garcia Mérou.
~rashington, September 28, 1898.
 SIR: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the 25th
instant, in which you are pleased to inform me that you have received a telegram
from your Government stating that the boundary question pending between the
Argentine Republic and Chile is, by mutual accord of both Governments, about
to be submitted to the arbitration of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain,
in conformity with the stipulations of existing treaties, and in particular
of the agreement of 1896, according to which compacts the lines submitted
to arbitration run from the twenty sixth to the fifty-second parallels of
south latitude, leaving for future settlement by means of direct negotiations,
which are forthwith to be undertaken without interruption, the definitive
location of the frontier in the regions known as "Puna de Atacama."
 The gratifying information which you thus convey has beemi confirmed by
telegrams which I received from the United States minister at Buenos Ayres,
who has been careful to keep the Department advised of the progress of the
negotiations in conformity with the instructions which have been sent to
him from time to time expressing the great interest felt by this Government
in a just and peaceful solution of the pending controversies.
Accept, etc.,
Acting Secretary.
Mr. M. Garcia Mérou to Mr. Hay.
Washinqton, December 15, 1898.
 MR. SECRETARY OF STATE: In coin pliance with instructions from my Government,
I have the honor to officially confirm the information which I was able to
give you iii the conversation had with your excellency two weeks ago respecting
the designation by the Governments of the Argentine Republic and of Chile
of his excellency, Mr. William Buchanan, to form part of the commission which
shall definitely determine the boundary line in the region called Puna de
Atacama, it being his function to act as third arbitrator if the conference
of the delegates of both nations, which is to meet On the 10th of March,
shall not succeed in reaching an accord concerning the demarcation of the
said boundary.
 My Government charges me, moreover, to make known to your excellency that
up to this tinie the two Governments have not communicated to Mr. Buchanan
the designation which has been agreed upon in the protocols drawn up to that
end, as the Government of the Argentine

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