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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the fiftieth Congress, 1888-'90

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Page 1472

  1472                     FOREIGN RELATIONS.
  contempt which they manifest for the laws of hospitality of the United
  States, and of their tenacious and wicked perseverance in carrying rob-'
  bery, murder, fire. and piliage into the territory of a friendly country,
  which is closely bound to the United States by ties of great moral and
  material strength, which ties, in their mad folly, they propose to sun-
        The undersigned, etc.,
                                                      E. DE MURUAGA.
                    8efior Torroja to the Collector of Customs.
                                                 KEY WEST, April 19, 1888.
   DEAR SIR: Respectfully referring to our conversation of day before yesterday
 morning in reference to the filibusters of this city, I will further state
that the so-
 called General Juan Fernandez Ruz claims to have twenty-five or thirty men
 armed and ready to follow him in an expedition against Cuba, but I fear
that said
 Ruz will not go himself and will remain here in order to be able to keep
on sending
 small expeditions, although it is a fact well known almost by everybody
that there
 is an expedition ready to sail from this port. Anothei such general, Flor
 is holding revolutionary meetings in this city and collecting funds with
which he
 pretends to fit out expeditions against the said island of Cuba. I beg to
call your
 attention to the foregoing facts, as well as to some reliable information
that leads
 me to believe that the rifles, ammunition, and explosives are for the expedition,
 stored in boxes in a rear room of a house painted green on the Rocky Road-Dr.
 Yachaustegui's office and dwelling-and some ten rifles, flags, machetes,
etc., are
 hanging up in Ruz and Colonel Urquiza's rooms at Mrs. Henry Geiges' house
on the
 Rocky Road next to Dr. Yachaustegui. Geiges' house is painted white.
   Hoping that the laws of the United States will enable you to take such
 as are necessary and proper to prevent such criminal acts against a friendly
      I remain, respectfully, yours,
                                                     JOAQUIN M. TORROJA.
                                 No. 997.
                     Mr. Bayard to Mr. de Muruaga.
                                         DEPARTMENT OF STATE,
                                             Washington, May 1, 1888.
   SIR: I have the honor to acknowledge the 1eceipt of your note, which
 reached my hand this morning, in relation to a projected filibustering
 expedition against the peace of the island of Cuba, alleged to be on
 foot at Key West, Florida.
   I have hastened to communicate copy of your note and its inclosure
to my colleague, the Secretary of the Treasury, and I have also sent a
copy to the Attorney-General for such action as the officers of the De-
partment of Justice may competently take toward the enforcement of
the statutes of the United States in the premises.
   As on previous occasions, I beg to suggest to you the advisability of
causing the usual machinery of the law to be set in regular motion by
due complaint, under oath, made by some one having knowledge or
belief of the acts alleged to be in violation of law, and to this end I
doubt not the agents of your Government at-Key West will be cheer-
fully aided by the officers of the Departments of Justice and ├Żof
       Accept, etc.,
                                                       T.F., BAYARD.,

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