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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the fiftieth Congress, 1888-'90

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                              SPAIN.                        147L
                              No. 995.
                 Mr. Bayard to Mr. de Muruaga.
                                   DEPARTMENT OF STATE,
                                      Washington, March 17, 1888.
  SIR: In your note of January 10 last you informed this Department
that it was proposed to submit for the royal approval the holding of an
international congress at Madrid, to consider and propose the most
effective means of protecting the authenticity and ownership of marks
of wines, and to propose such regulations as may appear most appli-
cable to prevent and counteract the adulteration and falsification of
wines, and, on behalf of your Government, you asked whether the
United States would be disposed to be represented in the congress
  Having referred the subject to the Department of Agriculture, I have
now the honor to state that this Government is prepared to send rep-
resentatives to such a congress, and I shall be glad to be informed
whether it will be held and at what date.
      Accept, etc.,
                                                 T. F. BAYARD.
                             No. 996.
                  Mr. de Muruaga to Mr. Bayard.
                      LEGATION OF SPAIN AT WASHINGTON,
                 Washington, May 1, 1888. (Received May 1, 1888.)
  The undersigned, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary
of Spain, has the honor to inform the Hon. Thomas F. Bayard, Secre-
tary of State, that the consul of his nation at Key West has informed
him that a filibustering expedition is now ready in that port to effect a
landing on the coast of Cuba, and once more to disturb the public peace
and tranquillity in that island.
   The so-called General Ruz is, according to all indications, the person
 who is to have charge of the expedition, and to this effect he has pre-
 pared (this being a matter of public notoriety) a force of from twenty-
 five to thirty men, and likewise a quantity of munitions of war and ex-
 plosives, which are to form the material of the said expedition. These
 munitions of war are now stored partly in his own house and pairtly in
 the houses of Messrs. Urguiza and Yachaustegui, and also in that of
 Mrs. Henry Geiges.
   The consul of Spain at Key West has already officially notified the
 collector of customs of these tacts (as the honorable Secretary of State
 will find stated more in detail in the inclosed copy), and that Federal
 officer has asked inistructions from the Treasury Department authoriz-
 ing him to confiscate or seize the munitions aforesaid.
   The undersigned, minister, feels confident that the United States t2ov-
 eminent will, without delay, issue the necessary orders to the proper
 aut horities at Key West to prevent this expedition, confiscating at the
 samne time the munitions of war in question, and bringing he delin-
 quents tQ the punishment which they deserve, by reason of the eoustant

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