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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the fiftieth Congress, 1888-'90

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                                [Inclosure 12.1
                   The Marquis of Salisbury to Mr. Edwardes.
No. 159.]                                   FOREIGN OFFICE, Z.Tve 221888.
  SIR: I approve the note to the United States Government respecting the
violation of the Newfoundland bait act by the United States fishermen, of
copy accompanied your dispatch No. 207, of the 7th instant.
      I am, etc.,                                             SAW BUI&.
                                  No. 591.
                Mr. Bayard to Sir L. S. Sackville West.
                                        DEPARTMENT OF STATE,
                                           Washington, August 4, 1888.
   Sin: I have been unavoidably delayed in the presentation to you of
 an application made to this Department by a large number of citizens
 of New York importantly engaged in trade with Canada in relation to
 a feature of Canadian laws which is alleged to contain an espqcial
 discrimination against importations of merchandise, "the product of
 countries east of the Cape of Good Hope," coming into Canada by the
 way of the United States.
   I transmit a copy of the body of the memorial, in order that the sign-
 ers may explain their own object.
   As it is my purpose to ameliorate the trade relations of the neighbor-
ing countries, I will ask you to bring the-subject to the attention of the
Canadian authorities.
       I am, etc..,
                                                        To F., BAYARD,
               Messrs. Howell, Son 46 Co., and others, to Mr. Bayar&
                                                NEw YORK, April 20, 1888.
   DEAR SIR: We beg to call your attention to the fact that about the year
1875 the
 Canadian government passed a law creating a discriminating duty of 10 per
cent. ad
 valorem to be imposed on all merchandise "the product of countries
east of the
 Cape of Good Hope" imported from points west of the Cape of Good Hope,
 Great Britain, and virtually made a promise that as this measure was of
a retaliatory
 nature, they would remove this discriminating duty whenever the United States
 Government should take off a similar duty which was at that time in force.
   By act of Congress passed May 4, 1882 (Department circular dated May 16,
 the United States repealed their discriminating duty, to take effect January
1, 1883;
 but the Canadian government has not yet removed their 10 per cent. retaliatory
 discriminating duty.
   We ask that you bring this matter before the Canadian government, and
try to
 have their discriminating duty against the United States removed.
   In case of removal of this duty, there would be sure to be a large trade
 about between the two countries, and doubtless to their mutual benefit,
but certainly
 to the benefit of the United States,
   We would especially call your attention to the fact that the Canadian
10 per cent.
 retaliatory duty is against the United States only.
      We are, dear sir, yours truly,
                             B. H. HOWELL, Sow & Co. ; and fifty-three

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