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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the fiftieth Congress, 1888-'90

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conference, and any proposals as to the application of the system of taxation
quantitties of sugar produced, which may reach the foreign office here.
   Copies of any such documents whiclh may be received at this legation shall1-be
 immediately forwarded to you.
       I have the honor to be, sir, your obedient servant,
                                                                 HENRY WHITE.
   NOTE.-Inclosures A, B, and C are not printed herewith."
                           [Inclosure D in Mr. White's report. ]
                 Tke sugar bounties covferenee. -Proposed convention.
   The members of the International Conference on Sugar Bounties met yesterday
 afternoon at the foreign office for the last time before adjourning. Baron
Henry de
 Worms presided, and allthe representatives attended. The sitting occupied
 hours, and on rising the conference adjourned to April 5.
   The following letter was read to the members of the conference by Baron
 de Worms:
                                                "FOREIGN OFFICE, December
   "1MYD D)EAR BARON DE WORMS: A political engagement of long standing
will take
 me away from London, and will, to my great regret, prevent me from having
the op-
 portunity of meeting the delegates to the sugar conference at their final
 Will you kindly be the bearer of my apologies, and, at the same time, of
my sincere
 congratulation on the success which has attended their labors ? The present
 pension of their labors is only an adjournment. I shall hope to have the
honor of
 welcoming them on their re-assembling in March, when I trust they will return
 with the powers necessary to give practical effect to their valuable deliberations.
       "Believe me, yours, very truly,
                                                                   t SALISBUR.
   "To the Baron HENRY DE WORMS, 1M. P.1
   The following protocol was signed yesterday by the delegates of the various
 represented at the conference:
   "The undersigned delegates of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Belgium,
 Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, and Sweden
met in Lon-
 don on the 24th of November, 1887, in order to study the bases of an understanding
 with regard to the suppression of bounties on the exportation of sugars.
After the
 deliberations recorded in the 'procis verbauxI of the sittings, they arrived
at an
 agreement upon the principles enunciated in the report of the commission.
In order
 to give a practical application to this enunciation, the president of the
 communicated to them a proposal of convention, which they have examined
and un-
 dertake to submit to the consideration of their Governments, praying them
to make
 known to her Britannic Majesty before the 1st March, if they adhere to the
 of this proposed convention which is annexed to the present protocol. In
case of
 agreement each Government shall communicate with the British Government
 the said date a proposal indicating the bases of the application of the
system of taxing
 the quantities of sugar produced. This proposal is to state with what limiLtations
 in what cases sacebarometry will bVe employed. Each Government will at-the
same time
 make known if, for the sake of uniformity, it may be disposed to admit what
is called
 the French method generally employed in the commerce of several nations.
With re-
 gard to Article III of the said proposed convention, the French delegates,
not consid-
 ering that the system proposed by Belgium presents for the suppression of
bounties the
 guaranties with which the high contracting parties ought to be furnished,
make the
 most express reserves as to this article. The delegates of Germany, Austria-Hungary
 Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Russia adhere to the reserves made by
the French
 "Done at London, 19th December, 1887."
 The following is the annex to the above protocol:
 "The high contracting parties, desiring to insure the total suppression
of premiums,
 open or disguised, on the export of sugars, have resolved to conclude a
convention to
this effect, and have appointed as their plenipotentiaries the following:
who, after haviiig exhibited their full powers, found to be in good and due
form, have
agreed upon the following articles:
  "(1) The high contracting parties undertake to take or to propose'to
their respect-
ive legislatures measures which shall constitute an absolute and complete
that there shall not be granted any premium, open or disguised, on the export

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