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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the fiftieth Congress, 1888-'90

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Page 194

  All the meat consumed in Santiago is slaughtered for so much a
head at the "matadero" or municipal slaughter-house, the receipts
for which fior the month of December amounted to very near $.i3,000.
The number and kind of animals slaughtered were as follows: Horned
cattle, 5,700; calves, 100; sheep, 8,500; lambs, 2,500; and hogs, 550-
a large consumption of meat food for a population of 190,000.
      I have, etc.,
                                           WILLIAM R. ROBERTS.
                              No. 138.
                     Mr. Bayard to Mr. Roberts.
No. 84.]                             DEPARTMENT OF STATE,
                                        Washin'gton, April 17, 1888.
  Sn: Representation having been made by our charge at Bogota
th-at the Colombian Government has entirely closed the isthmian ports
of the Pacific to vessels coming from Chili, owing to fear of infection
by cholera, thus prohibiting the passage of the mails, and several com-
)laijnts on this subject having come from your legation, the matter has
been brought to the attention of the Postmaster-General.
  His views-are substantially that, while this is the first instance known
of an absolute exclusion of the mails as a sanitary measure, yet, inas-
munch as the ordinary precautions of disinfection, etc., have never proved
entirely effective in preventing the spread of cholera, he considers that,
despite the inconvenience caused by the action of the Colombian Gov-
cril.ment,- we shall have no tenable ground of complaint if the ports are
opened as soon as the danger of infection ceases.
  This Department is, however, disposed to regard the Colombian meas-
ures as extreme and at variance with international usage, not to speak
of the transit question involved.
  Your telegraphic dispatch asking that mails for your legation be
sent via England has been transmitted to the Post-Office Departmen t,
but the Department has as yet received no reply. We are informed
that, at present, they are being forwarded via Buenos Ayres, increas-
ing the time of transmission by about five days.
       I am, etc.,
                                                   T. F. BAYARD.
                              No. 139.
                   -Mr. Roberts to Mr. Bayard.
No. 192.]                   LEG-ATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
                         Santiago, May 3, 1888. (Received July 25.)
   SIR: The President and cabinet returned to Santiago on the 1st of
April, a, special session of Congress having been called for the 2d to
ratify an amendment to the constitution, piermitting the free exercise
of all religions creeds, which was approved of three years previously by

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