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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the fiftieth Congress, 1888-'90

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all the Argentine States. We left this port a little after noon in the
Eola, a river steamer of rare model and appointments, of the famous
Platense Line, owned by an English company and carrying the British
   We did not go further up the river than Paysandui.
   Below this point we passed the vast salederos, or meat preserving
 and packing establishments, the principal one being that of Liebig, at
 Fray Bentos, in Uruguay. The "1 Liebig Meat Extract," prepared
 is known all over the world. The capital employed in this vast enter-
 prise is English, or largely so. It now reaches nearly $3,000,000, and
 employs about 3,000 people-men, women, and advanced children. It
 exported last year nearly 1,000,000 cans each of meat and meat ex-
 tracts, besides a vast amount of tanned hides, tallow, tongues, and re-
 fined grease, every part of the slaughtered animal being saved and ren-
 dered salable in some way.
   At Uruguay, in the province of Entre Rios, and its recent capital, the
 steamer landed, and there the presidential party disembarked. At this
 place the national Government has erected vast and expensive port
 works, which were inaugurated by President Juarez in a review of the
 act of congress by which it was accomplished. The port and city are
 joined by a spur track of the Central Entre Rios Railroad, which
 crosses the province from Uruguay to Parand, the early capital of the
 nation and the most thriving city in Entre Rios, located on the Parana
   From Uruguay the President crossed the province of Entre Rios to
Paranh, where he was to be welcomed with great ceremonies at the
early capital of the Republic. The invitation to remain with him was
cordial, both on the part of himself and the governor of the province,
but reluctantly declined on account of pressing matters at the legation.
  However, at Cordova, on the 18th instant, the entire ministry and
diplomatic corps will again have the pleasure of meeting the President
before he-leaves for the mountains, where, with his family, he will spend
the remaining portion of his needed vacation. It is- gratifying to add
the flag of the United States was honorably displayed throughout the
entire excursion.
      I have, etc.,
                                            BAYLESS W. HANNA.
                               No. 5.
                     Mr. Hanna to. Mr. Bayard.
INo. 102.]               LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
     Buenos Ayres, December 12, 1887. (Received January 17, 1888.)
  SIRu: Asnewproof of the vast carrying trade this growing country has
attracted, Messrs. Baring Bros., of London, have recently become exten-
sive shareholders of the Italian line called The Veloce Steam-ship Com-
pany, running between Buenos Ayres and the southern coastvf Europe.
   Its business has become so profitable that the service, hitherto
 monthly only, will soon become weekly, or nearly so. The Duehessa
 Di Genova of this reconstructed company has just reached this port
 with 1,037 passengersO and made the run out from Naples in eighteen

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