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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the fiftieth Congress, 1888-'90

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  13. One of these vessels shall arrive at least once a week in the ports
of the Repub.
  14. Government cargo shall have a rebate of 40 per cent. except coal and
which shall have 20 per cent.
  15. It being in the interest of the company to transport as many immigrants
possible from the north of Europe, it will establish at its own cost such
agencies as
it may deem necessary to bring about the current of immigration.
  16. The price of passage for immigrants shall be agreed upon between the
ment and the company without any implication that the company renounces any
benefit or premium which the Government may accord at any time to those who
in immigrants.
  17. In each of the vessels running from Europe to the Republic, the company
place a freezing apparatus with the capacity of carrying at least 3,000 sheep,
or their
equivalent in beef.
  18. The fourteen steamers mentioned shall-fly the national flag, and each
be named for one of the Argentine provinces.
  19. On the expiration of the guaranty, the vessels will continue under
the Argen-
tine flag while sailing to or from the ports of the Republic.
  '20. Each vessel will carry an Argentine doctor, or one of some other nationality,
who shall have passed an examination in the Republic; said doctor shall be
by the Government and accept(d by the company.
  21. Fifteen months from the execution of this contract the service shall
begin, and
within two years from same date all the vessels shallfbe running.
  22. It is understood that this company is completely independent of thatwhich
Houston has already established between Liverpool and the ports of the Republic,
which may continue as before.
Terms agreed upon between the Executive and R. P. Houston, for direct navigation
                   the United States to the ports of the Republic.
  1. Mr. R. P. Houston binds himself to establish a direct line of steamers
the United States and Buenos Ayres, which shall begin running within five
from the signing of this contract by the Argentine Government.
  2. The line shall be served by three or four steamers of the same class
and condi-
tion as the three for the North European service, and must be built in the
same time
as fixed for the others, but without freezing apparatus.
_ 3. In the mean time, the line shall be served by such other steamers as
shall place in suitablc condition for cargo and accommodations of passengers.
  4. The guaranty shall be 5 per cent. on a capital of £360,000, maximum-of
  5. The other conditions for the contract for the North European service
are appli-
cable to this.
                                   No. 3.
                        Mr. Hanna to Mr. Bayard.
No. 98.]                     LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
      Buenos Ayres, November 29, 1887.      (Received January 5, 1888.)
   SIR: The Argentine Congressjust adjourned, has vastly increased its
railroad guaranties. Before the late additions they stood at $188,000,000;
now they are increased by $88,000,000, making the total of such guaran-
ties $276,000,000. The greater part of these guaranties are on a 5 per
cent. basis--that is, that the roads when completed shall not fall below
that on cost of construction and expense of operation.
        I have, etc.,                             BAYLESS W. ]HANNA.

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