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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / The executive documents of the House of Representatives for the first session of the fiftieth Congress. 1887-'88

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Page 974

  74                    FOREIGN RELATIONS.
  while wines and beers made in Europe would pay only the ad valorem
  duty above specified. Such a discrimination this Government could
  not assent to, especially in view of the explicit and unmistakable pro.
  visions of the treaty of 1884 forbidding'y,  any discrimination Qn this
  You will therefore bring the objectionable features of section 4 of the
  law to the attention of the Siamese minister of foreign affairs, and say
  thJ at whuie this Government recognizes the propriety and necessity of
  proper regulation by the Government of Siam of the importation and
  sale of spirituous liquors in that Kingdom, the Government of the
  United states can not recognizethe enforoement of provisions of law
  which conflict with the conventional obligations of thee Government of
  His Majesty to that of the United States. Beyond this point this ,De-
  partment is not disposed to make any-objections to a law intended' toý
  preserve the good order of the community, and which has the approval
  Of the representatives of the treaty powers.
       I AM, etc..
                                                  T. F. BAYAR.RD
                              No. 607.
                      Mr. Child to Mr..qaarB
 No. 40.1                 LEGATION OF TH.E UNITED ST4T,
                     ~ngko Augst 31,18870    ieevdQt1e         ,
   SIR: It gives me pleasure to inclose a copy of translgtion of a letter
 r0oPhis e6ell.uny Phya B6laskarawongse, actingminister fbr. freign
     Obao   r e plt' dspatch  enbyvme'with exitraqts from14your 114,
 -tV01 No. 18, .d1plomatco series, iunde( date July 1,I1887,in regard
 to the Siamese Government having left the United States oupt ofthe
 new law that is shortly to go into operation relating to the importation
 d Male of li~quo, rs, and in whieh hhe assures me that the proper correc-
 tion has been made.
                                    "  "        JACOB T. CILn.D.
                      fInclosure in No. 40.-Translation.]
                    Phya Bhaskarawongse to Mr. COild.
                                               FFOREIGN OFFICE,
                                               Bngk~qok, August .29,1887.
  M. "§.5 R,: I h vo t!he honor to acknowledge receipt of your
letter of the 1bth
ipoqý]ty, i"_40,449;ýIn a4di  tchmrnthe honirabt T ]?lyardand
I  Vbeg .0l)a-'.'!in
form"   u-.t,* in' deference to: thQ wish08 o f-heuinted states overpint,
Hs isj-
e_'y s Gvernment have-determinod to alter eIuse 4 of the new law relating
irituu liquors by ins..erting therein afte4ithe word, Europe," which
occurs in the
   scl4P@ine thof "the words "ýorin fthe United State' of
America. ýý" I trust'that
bo T.eW.law41s thus alt.eied in theparticular diirection which yoih notice
in"y0 rldtt
      willuat~fyt~j~~rilmo'Thetnite'd States Go'ernen, nd I take' this p]po,
9f: t..hkg .you ourteo1us and friendly fo n in which you havebr 1
ght thi's
matter un er myinotice, anidof renewing to you the epression of the high
ou- -1 .-P'which I have, etc.
                                            PHY. BIIAsxARAW0ONGSE.

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