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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / The executive documents of the House of Representatives for the first session of the fiftieth Congress. 1887-'88

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Page 970

970                   FOREIGNq   LATIONS.
                            No. 601.
                    iaron ,osen to Mr. _ayard,
                             IMPERIAL RUSSIAN LEGATION,
                   Washington, June 19, 1887. (Received June 20..)
   8Ij: I am instructed to inform you that the inip'erial GoVernment
 dsiges to propose to the g'overnnenbts who have expresed thei itae-.
 tion to 6tke part in the labors of the Fourth International Prigson Con-
 ~ti in St. Pet-ersbrg to fo' milat befoie the first day of-Septe8mber,
 188t, the lqb etions which they would like to stbmib t for disc8ssion aa
 the o ngrss, and also to c mmunicate the names of the scitists who
 would be Willing to assumI  the tash k of reportiing o  ana of the ues-
 tio ns pposed for dis0ussion Mn th offlicial programme of the ohngss
 drafted at the eotfe ne of I&rne.
                                    S   ashli"g-toftJw4te 27,7-1887.
   fl:uON: * have the honor to adknoWledge the receipt f your ltof
 Wh6 l th ihstahnt communicatingg he proposition of thIe I MpiaM Gov-
 &rnmendito the gover n    Wnts Who haVe expressed the-i-r i-t ention
 partieipate in the Fourth International Prisn -Congress whiih mets
 At St. teeburg in 1890, to firmulate, btre Sepembr 1., 188, thc
 questions which they Would like to submit for discuss'fio At the co6-
 ~ss, also "to ~ommuinicate thb names of the scientists Who would be
 willing to assume the task of reporting on any of the questions prW-
 posed for discussion in the official programme of the cngress adopted
 At the on6ferene at Berne."
 i inclose in reply a copy * of the messag-e of the Presidenit which an-
 nounced to Gongress 'the invitation to the United States to partiipate ih
 the congress of 189%0 and have the honor tO say that a draught of a joifnt
 fesolution appropriate for carrying out the suggetions of the President's
 ne ssago was transmitted to the Committee on Foreign pleladions Feb-
 ruary 3 1887.
 Congrebss however, seems not yet to hU tken the nessary action
 to enable this 'Government to definitively respond to the pro-posiion of
your note.
      Accept, etc.,
                       * Sec or. Eels., 1850.

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