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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / The executive documents of the House of Representatives for the first session of the fiftieth Congress. 1887-'88

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  Considering, however, that the obtaining of the rights of American citizenship
not exclude the idea (point) that it was but a subterfuge to release you
from the
duties of the conscription which were imposed upon you by law as a citizen
of Austria ;
  In view that the adoption of'such a course might serve as a public scandal
and sug-
gest to others to follow the bad example:
  I, by these presents, invite you to take immediately the steps necessary
to reacquire
your original (ancient) citizenship, and subsequently to present yourself
to answer the requirements of the law of conscription, or, on the other hand,
to quit
the countries represented in the councils of the Austrian Empire; to which
end I
name the 1st day of October of this year as the last day for your sojourn
in those
countries; this date having elapsed without your having departed, it Will
my duty to proceed, out of respect for the public order, against you according
to the
fifth line of paragraph 2 of the law of July 27, 1871 (B. L. I., No. 88);
that is to say,
I must proceed to your expulsion from the above-named countries.
  The inclosed 38 soldi are the residue of the money paid by you in advance
for the
purpose of telegraphing to the gendarmerie at San Pietro.
  SPALATO, 3 September, 1886.
  The I. and R. district captain,                                     TRUXA.
  Here follows a certificate that the above is a true copy.
                              [Inclosure 2 in No. 211.1
                            Mr. Lee to Count Kalnoky.
                                        LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
                                                     Vienna, September 25,
  The charg6 d1affaires ad interim of the United States of America has the
honor to
invite the attention of his excellency Count Kalnoky, imperial and royal
of foreign affairs and of the imperial household,-president of the council,
to the in-
closed copy of an order of expulsion addressed to Mr. Antonio Chirighin,
a naturalized
citizen of the United States.
  According to Mr. Chirighin's statement to this legation, he, an Austrian
left his country in 1868, emigrated to the United States, and after a residence
of eleven
years was naturalized and became a citizen of the United States;
  Having.some family business to attend to at Merce, in the island of Brazza,
he returned to Austria-Hungary, apparently quite recently, as his passport
is dated at
Washington, July 26, 1886.
  His conduct does not appear to have been in any manner subject to criticism,
his only offense, as your excellency will see by the inclosed order of the
local author-
ities, seems to have been that he has availed himself of the privileges distinctly
corded to the subjects of Austria-Hungary by the convention between Austria-
Hungary and the United States of 1870 relating to. naturalization.
  The undersigned believes that on an examination of the subject his excellency
imperial and royal minister of foreign affairs will cause to be issued such
tions as will secure to Mr. Chirighin such hospitality and protection as
is accorded
by the United States to subjects of Austria-Hungary visiting that country
for pur-
poses of business or pleasure, and such as will enable him to transact freely
and fully
that business which caused his visit to the province of Dalmatia.
  The undersigned avails, etc.,
                                                         JAmES FENNER LEE.
                                   No. 13.
                           Mr. Lee to Mr. Bayard.
 No. 217.]               LEGATION OF THE UNITED"STATES,
                     Vienna, October 24, 1886. (Received November 6.)
   SIR: The petroleum question, which has been the source of trouble in
 the adjustment of the new -treaty between Austria and Hungary, is one
 that has great interest for us.

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