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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the first session of the forty-seventh Congress, 1880-'81

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                          Mr. trigoy4en to Mr. Blaine.
                                      MINISTRY OF FOREIGN RELATIoNS,
                                               Buenos Ayres, October 27,
  The undersigned minister secretary of state in the department of foreign
in obedience to the instructions of the President of theRepublic, has the
honor to ad-
dress his excellency the Secretary of State of "the Government of North
America for the
purpose of informing him of the kind co-operation which has been lent by
Thomas-O. Osborn,. the honorable representative of the Union in the settlement
of the
boundary question between this republic and that of Chili. After the negotiations
had been initiated by the American ministers residing in both countries,
the latter con-
tributed largely towards keeping them under the influence of that moderation
kindly feeling which were necessary for the adjustment of differences of
very long
  The Argentine Government which has observed the perseverance with which
Osborn worthily interpreting the' friendly sentiments of his government has
for the settlement of difficulties which were fraught with danger to the
tween these republics, and when their traditional ties were reunited it signified
him, through the undersigned, its distinguished appreciation of the valuable
which he had so nobly lent.
  The President has instructed the undersigned to address this communication
to his
exeellency Mr.: Blaite, not doubting that- the Government of the United States
'will, be
pleased to learn that General Osborn, faithfully carrying out the American
policy, has
contri'bhted to t-he successful termination of a negotiatio n-which has re-established
harmony-and peace. between two nations.
      The undersigned offers, &c.,
                                               BERNARDO DE IRIGOYEN.
                                 No. 13.
                        Mr. Carrie to Mr. Blaiae.
                                          ARGENTINE LEGATION,
               New York, December 5, 1881.     (Received December 7.)
  Mr. SRECRETARY OF STATE : I have the honor to inform         your- excel-
lency, in- obedience to instructions which I have just received from my
government, that'the treatytfor the settlement of the boundary question
which was concInded between the Argentine Republic andChili Jwith
the co-operation of the representatives of the United States in both
republics, in the month of July last, as I had the pleasure1 to announce
to you by my note written at the close of that month, has been ratified
by both governments. Thus has an end been put to the long-pending
question which for so many years has caused the relations between those
two countries to lack warmth and cordiality, and which has at times
been on the point of plunging them into the horrors and calamities of
  By the adjustment just concludedý which doeshonor to both countries,
the waters which might have become the scene of bloody hostilities be-
tween two nations bound by the ties of nature and history, are secured
from the casualties of war and brought under the beneficent reign of
tranquillity and peace.
  As I know that your excellency has been thoroughly informed by the
communications of the American legation at Buenos Ayres of the terms
which serve as the basis of that treaty, I deem' it unnecessary for me
to state them in detail here.
       2:   R

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