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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the forty-fifth Congress, 1879-'80

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Page 976

                     [Inclosure in Mr. Byers' note.-Translation.]
                  Cantonal government of Zurich to Mr. Byers.
                                                 ZURICIH, October 11, 1879.
  Mr. S. H. M. Byers, United States consul at Zurich, having asked us in
his letter of
the 18th of March to furnish him with a list of all persons registered as
former Ameri-
can citizens in Zurich, and who have acquired Swiss citizenship here, we
  The cantonal government, after examining a proposition of the interior
court of
Zurich, concludes as follows:
  1st. A Swiss citizen acquiring the right of American citizenship without
first hand-
ing in to and having accepted by the proper authorities here a legal renunciation
Swiss citizenship, will still be considered as a citizen of Switzerland,
at any time he may
return to this country.
  According to article 44 of the federal constitution, no canton has the
right to de-
prive any of its citizens of the rights of citizenship here.
  There is no limitation or prescription (Vezdhrung) of Swiss citizenship.
  There are great numbers of persons living in this canton who have returned
after having acquired American citizenship. A separate controle of these
persons is
not kept, and therefore it is impossible to prepare a list.
  2d. Communication of the above to the department of the interior.
                                                         W. STUSSI,
                                        For the Government of Canton Zurich.
                       TURKISH EMPIRE.
                                 No. 464.
                       Mr. Maynard to Mr. Evarts.
No. 289.]                   LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
            Constantinople, Noavember 20, 1878. (Received December 23.)
   SIR: A notable event, albeit little noted, has just occurred-the
coming and going of the Japanese corvette the Seiki, built, fitted, and
armed in Japan, and officered and manned by natives of that country.
She came about three weeks ago and left yesterday. A paragraph in
one of the evening papers illustrates the interest taken in her. She was
admired as a- beautiful model of naval architecture, equipped and pro-
vided with all the matchless taste and finish peculiar to the handiwork
of that strange people.
   Our naval officers exchanged courtesies with the officers of the Seiki,
and some of them     found acquaintances made some years ago at the
Naval Academy.
   This unfaimiliar flag has visited the chief maritime countries of Europe,
and is now returning to the East. The cruise, I understand, is purely
nautical and lprofessional in its intention, with no objects either political
or commercial.
  The commander with his officers was received by His Imperial Majesty
the Sultan, and was decorated by him with one of the imperial orders.
  I well remember the Japanese embassy to our country hardly twenty
years ago. The difference observable between that diplomatic body and
this corps of navigators would, in the ordinary progress of human affairs,
imply the lapse of centuries rather than of decades.
       I have, &c.,
                                              HORACE MAYNARD.

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