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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the forty-fifth Congress, 1877-'78

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are completed, to carry thiemalong the lip eindaicted. He also expresses
the thanks ,of the Navy Department fo. - theicourteoas co-operation of
the Portuguese ,Government i-n this usefutlwork. You will advise the
government !at Lisbon accordingl4y.
      I :am, &.e,,
                                             WM. M. EVARTS.
                              No. 261.
                      Mr. Mora nto Mr. Evarts.
No. 150.]                  LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
                        Lisbon, May 24, 1877. (Received June 21.)
  -SIR: I have-fthe honor to forward herewith a copy of the Portuguese
White Book, convtaining doeuments Ă½preSented to the Cortes in its
tive session of 18-77, by the secretary of state for foreign affairs. The
most intereSting of these papers consist of copies of a correspondence
between the, Briti~sh and Portuguese Governments on the slave trade on
the -east coast of"Africa, the late blockade of the coast of Dahomey,
and thenavigatiUon-ofthe Zambezi:and Ohiri rivers as far as Lake N yassa,
an inland sea, over a portion -of which, at least, Great Britain claimts
j3urisdiction on the -ground of priority of discovery by British explorers.
The -note of Mr. H.,C1l-rke Jervoise to Mr. Corvo of the 4th -f Jane, 1876
on this subject merits attention. Ili consequelnce of a. then recent con-
cession made by the Portuguese Government to two merchants of Lis-
bon, whereby the exclusive right had been conceded to Ă½them of the
navigation of the rivers ZAtubezi and (Jhiri, aud the delta of the Zame4e
for thirty years, Mr. Jervoise raised the question of the-tight of astate
to the unobstructed navigation, to and from the sea, of a river flowing
from its own territory through*that of a neighboring nation; and as-
serted the jurisdiction of Great Britain over a portion of Lake Nyassa,
a point which Mr. Corvo tacitly yielded; whereas he declares that the
right of -states on the upper part of a river to use its lower waters "is
always a matter of special treaty, so as to assert the sovereignty of a
state over its own waters."
   The volume contains copies of trea-ties concluded between Portugal
 and other nations since the issue of the White Book of last year; the
 most interesting of which woUld seem to be that which regulates the
 transit between Portugal and Spain, concluded at Lisbon on the 16th
 of January, 1877. In this there is a stipulation touching the navigation
 by both nations of the River Douro, which expresses the very principle
 on -that point -which, is laid dow4n 1by iMr. Corvo in his note of the 3d
 Oct~ber laS~tto Mr. Mor-Ir In Tegard to the Zambezi and Chini Rivers.
                           BENJAMIN MORAN.
                              No. 262.
                     Mr. ]lloran to Nr.--Evarts.
 No. 153.]                  LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
                         Lisbong, Ma_ 29, 1877. (Received June 18.)
   SIR: I had the honor on the 26th instant nto receive you r No. 89,- .
a Rnd
 I immediately addressed to the Marquis d'Avila a letter, informing his

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