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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to foreign affairs, accompanying the annual message of the president to the second session thirty-eighth congress

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authorities. The third, a steam frigate of powerful dimensions, I am informed,
will likewise soon be completed, and will constitute the pride of the Prussian
navy.  I will duly advise you when she shall have been delivered, by Mr.
Armann, the builder, to the Prussian government. 
The Schleswig-Holstein question, since the close of the Vienna conference,
.where the preliminaries of peace were settled, continues the topic of interest
diplomatic and political circles. The actual meeting of the plenipotentiaries
arrange the terms of a final peace has not yet taken place, but is expected
occur this week. Herr Von Bismarck, who desires to add to the triumph he
has so far achieved the greatest of all, that of transferring the whole or
part of 
the duchies to Prussia, is manifestly endeavoring to delay and postpone a
settlement of the question of succession. Meanwhile the minor German states
are clamorous against Prussian aggression and the like; but as long as Austria
follows the lead of Herr Von Bismarck their outcries will avail them nothing.
it is expected, however, that during the visit of King William at Vienna,
he arrived on Saturday and remains until to-day, an intermistic government
the duchies will be arranged in the shape of a board of commissioners, one
from Prussia, one from Austria, and, as a concession and peace-offering to
smaller states, one from the federal Diet. As yet nothing has transpired
as to 
the result of the interview of the two sovereigns.  Herr Von Bismarck, of
course, is with the King at Vienna, and will from there accompany him to
Baden, where he goes before returning here to pay a visit to the Queen. Pres-
ent arrangements fix the King's return for the first week in September. 
I am, sir, your obedient servant, 
Secretary of State, WVashington, D. C. 
Mr. Kreismann to Mr. Seward. 
No. 28.]                              UNITED STATES LEGATION, 
Berlin, August 27, 1864. 
SiR: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your despatch No. 12,
dated August 8, 1864. 
The ceremonial letter from the President to his Prussian Majesty accompa-
nying it, pursuant to your directions, has been communicated in the customary
The steam corvette Victoria, whose origin and acquisition by the Prussian
government I have informed you of, has arrived from Bordeaux at Cuxhaven,
Hamburg. It is also ascertained now that the Prussian government have pur-
chased two steam advice boats (avisos) in the United States, and their arrival
is daily looked for. 
The Prussian naval force is, therefore, now constituted as follows: 8 steam
corvettes, with 2,400 horse-power, and 158 guns; 1 steam ram, building at
Bordeaux, but about ready to sail, and originally intended for the rebels;
screw avisos ; 19 gunboats, 5 of them of 100 horse-power, and 3 guns each,
and the remainder of 80 horse-power, and 2 guns each; and 1 turret ship,
ordered in England, but not yet completed. 
King William has left Vienna, and has proceeded to pay a visit to the King
of Bavaria. What arrangements, if any, regarding the duchies, have been 
determined on between their Prussian and Austrian Majesties, have not yet

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