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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to foreign affairs, accompanying the annual message of the president to the second session thirty-eighth congress

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selection of Count Moltke is a demonstration at once in behalf of peace,
against parliamentary government, he being a stout absolutist. It is this
quality which recommends him to King William of Prussia, and his prime 
minister Herr Von Bismarck; and hence the ministerial change is hailed with
great delight by the ministerial journals here. I believe his appointment
too late. He will not be able to preserve the integrity of the Danish monarchy
as it exsisted before the war. A final and total separation of the duchies
from Denmark, and their reunion under a government and dynasty of their own
will alone secure permanent peace. It is true there is some question as to
whether the Duke of Augustenburg, or the Duke of Oldenburg is to become 
the ruler of the new state; but as the people in the duchies are for the
he will most likely be recognized by the federal Diet, even against the wishes
of Prussia who favors the latter. King William is still at Carlsbad. From
there, on the 18th instant, he will proceed to Gastein to continue his cure;
later in the summer, he will pass some weeks at Baden-Baden. Herr Von Bis-
marck remains with him during all his absence from Berlin. 
Of the three vessels that was building at Bordeaux for the rebels, and which,
with the consent of the French government, have been acquired by Prussia,
has already arrived at Bremerhafen. Her name was changed from "Yedo"
to " Augusta," and she is now duly commissioned and armed and equipped
one of his Prussian Majesty's steam corvettes. This is the same vessel that,
when the ship left Bordeaux, was believed to be destined, under the pirate
Semmes, to become "Alabama No. 2."   Now that the truth of her
has become known, French and English sympathizers with rebel piracy are 
greatly chagrined. The two remaining vessels are to be delivered to Prussia
so soon as completed. Besides these purchases, there is reason to believe
Prussian government has attempted to effect others in the United States,
Dr. Schleiden, the minister of the Hanseatic towns, in Washington. If any
vessels have been bought in America for Bremen and Hamburg, the real party
in the bargain are not they, but Prussia. 
I am, sir, your obedient servant, 
Secretary of State, Washington, D. C. 
31r. Kreismann to ,Mr. Seward. 
No. 22.]                               UNITED STATES LEGATION, 
Berlin, July 22, 1864. 
SIR: Herr Von Thile, under-secretary of state, on behalf of the minister
foreign affairs, desires me to express to you the gratification of his government
at the flattering terms in which you have alluded to the high esteem and
in which his Prussian Majesty's minister at Washington, Baron Von Gerolt,
held, not only by the President, but by the people of the United States.
baron has arrived in Europe, by the steamer Hansa, but has not yet visited
When he does so, I shall not fail to wait upon him and offer him my services
attention to any extent he may feel pleased to accept them. 
Herr Von Bismarck is still absent from Berlin; but while his sovereign, King
William, has proceeded to Gastein, in the Tyrol, he has gone to Vienna to
in person the conference now held there between Austria and Prussia and Den-

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