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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

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318           FOREIGN RELATIONS, 1-951, VOLUME VI
Mr. Young2 and Major Mitchell of the Department of Defense and
several officers of-the Department of State to discuss the deteriorating
situation in: Burma and. to consider steps that might be, taken to im-
prove conditions.. A copy of the memorandum of conversation cover-,
ing this meeting was sent to Mr. Young.3
  Following a suggestion made at the meeting, the Consul-in Singa-
pore4 was instructed to interview Mr. Malcolm MacDonald, British
Commissioner General for Southeast Asia, on his return from a visit
to Burma, in order to discuss the general situation in Burma and seek
his views, on.- possible joint or-coordinated action. Unfortunately,
Mr. MacDonald had come, to the- conclusion that aside from the, dis-.
creet rapport already existing between the United Kingdom and the
United States in relation to Burma there is no joint or coordinated,
action that would offer any prospect of effecting an improvement in
the situation. He also expressed, the opinion that in a military way
nothing-additional could be done.
   The preliminary draft of a paper on the situation in Burma, which
was shown .to Mr. Young and Major Mitchell, has been revised to
embody certain-suggestions made -by them and is now.being con-
sidered by the, Department for possible submission to the National
Security Council.5 It is believed -that this paper could appropriately
be used in connection with a joint study of the situation in Southeast
   Sincerely yours,                              JOHN M. ALL-so0N
   'Kenneth T. Young, Assistant to the Acting Director, Office of Foreign
 Affairs in the office of Mr. Nash.
 "Not printed.
 'John Goodyear.
 Presumably this draft paper on Burma became part of NSC 124/2 which was-
 adopted by -the National Security Council and approved by President Truman
 on June 25, 1952 (Lot 61D167, Box 2491).
 The Charge in Burma (Day) to the Acting Assistant Secretary of-,
             State for Far Eastern Affairs (Allison)
 SECRET    OFFICIAL-INFORMAL          RANGOON, December 11, 1951.
   My DEAR MR. ALLISON: Assistant Secretary Rusk in a letter dated
 October 30 requested an analysis of the American aid program in
 Burma as part of a study of our aid programs in the Far East.'
   Some time has been spent in study of the program and consultation
 in the other Embassy offices to get their views. I have found it neces-
 sary first to set down certain general considerations concerning our
   'Not printed.

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