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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1949. The Far East and Australasia (in two parts)

Northeast Asia: Japan,   pp. 601-939 PDF (132.7 MB)

Page 900

  900          FOREIGN RELATIONS, 1949, VOLUME VII
    Article 5, paragraph 2: Japan will unquestionably advance strong
  claim to Etorofu, Kunashiri, Habomai, and Shikotan. Believe-United
  States should support such claim and due allowance made in draft for
  peculiarities this situation. Consider problem highly important fin
  view questions permanent boundary and fisheries.
  Article 6: Recommend reconsideration Liancourt Rocks (Take-
  shima). Japan's claim to these islands is old and appears valid. Se-
  curity considerations might conceivably envisage weather and radar
  stations thereon.
  Article 14: Query: Should Japan be committed to recognize treaties
  of little or no direct concern to herself, or treaties which have not.
  yet been concluded?
  Article 19: Strongly recommend deletion this entire article.
  Articles 33 to 37, inclusive: Suggest single article containing gen-
  eral statement referring these matters to annexes.
  Article 38: Recommend deletion.
  Article 41, paragraph 2: Consider this paragraph gratuitous.
  Article 43: We are somewhat skeptical concerning proposed arbitral
  tribunal by reason of its being an extension into era of peace, presum-
  ably for many years, of forced means of adjudication.
  Article 48: Recommend deletion or rewording this article to state-
  a principle rather than an enforced administrative measure.
  Article 49: Question the necessity for this article.
 740.00119 FEAC/1l-1449
 Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern-
   Affairs (Butterworth) to the Secretary General of the Far Eastern.
   Commission (Johnson)
                                  WASHINGToN, November 16, 1949.
   The Government of the United States has been advised that in ac-
 cordance with paragraph V, 1 of the Terms of Reference of the Far
 Eastern Commission which provides that "the membership of the Com-
 mission may be increased by agreement among the participating
 Powers -as conditions warrant by the addition of representatives of
 other United Nations in the Far East or having territories therein',
 all the member governments of the Far Eastern Commission have
 now agreed to the admission of Pakistan and Burma to the Far East-
 ern Commission.
 Therefore, the Secretary General of the Far Eastern Commission
 is requested to issue invitations to the Governments of Pakistan and
 Burma to appoint representatives to the Far Eastern Commission and
 to participate 'as members in the discussions of the Commission.'
 The :Secretary General is requested, at his discretion, to send copies
 'The Ambassadors of Pakistan and Burma were welcomed as new members
of the FEC at its meeting November 17.

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