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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. The Western Hemisphere

Multilateral relations,   pp. 1-278 PDF (102.6 MB)

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  The faith that the peoples of the New World have placed in the ideal
and in the reality of democracy, under the protection of which they
shall achieve social justice, by offering to all increasingly broader op-
portunities to enjoy the spiritual and material benefits that are the
guarantee of civilization and the heritage of humanity;
  In the name of the Law of Nations, interference by any foreign
power, or by any political organization serving the interests of a for-
eign power, in the public life of the nations of the American continent,
  1. To reaffirm their decision to maintain and further an effective
social and economic policy for the purpose of raising the standard of
living of their peoples; and their conviction that only under a system
founded upon a guarantee of the essential freedoms and rights of the
individual is it possible to attain this goal.
  2. To condemn the methods of every system tending to suppress
political and civil rights and liberties, and in particular the action
of international communism or any totalitarian doctrine.
   3. To adopt, within their respective territories and in accordance
 with the constitutional provisions of each state, the measures necessary
 to eradicate and prevent activities directed, assisted, or instigated by
 foreign governments, organizations, or individuals, that tend to over-
 throw their institutions by violence, to foment disorder in their do-
 mestic political life, or to disturb, by means of pressure, subversive
 propaganda, threats or by any other means, the free and sovereign
 right of their peoples to govern themselves in accordance with their
 democratic aspirations.
   4. To proceed with a full exchange of information concerning any
 of the aforementioned activities that are carried on within their re-
 spective jurisdictions.
                           [Enclosure No. 2]
           Paper Prepared by the Policy Planning Staff
 SECRET                              [WASHINGTON] March 22, 1948.
 Problem: To Establish U.S. Policy Regarding Anti-Communist
      Measures Which Could Be Planned and Carried Out Within the
      Inter-American System

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